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While I miss the snuggly newborn days from time to time, there is really nothing better than the “now”. Now, Alba is walking & running all over the place. Now, I can pack up the car on a whim, and go visit the rose gardens in Washington Park. Now, I don’t have to worry about milk or formula or bottles or diapers. I just pop a water bottle into my bag, and grab the potty seat. Now, Alba will walk around, smell flowers, wave at people, and splash in the water from the sprinklers. Now, we can buy granola bars and fruit snacks from the food cart at the park, and sit on a bench together as we enjoy our treats. Now, she makes me laugh … by being silly with papa’s hat, and eating peaches like a rabbit.

Oh man … I can’t believe the summer is over, but I will remember this one as the year Alba really started to become her own little person — my friend.


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Back in July, it was so. freaking. hot. Like, I literally can’t ever be too hot, and I was TOO HOT! In a brilliant example of why we’re the smartest people in the world, we decided to take a trip up to Mt. Hood for the day. We packed our lunches, grabbed our hats and fleece, and enjoyed some 60 degree weather. You guys, it 45 degrees at the lodge. It was like HEAVEN! (well, kind of … we were used to 95+, so it felt like -30!)

Alba loved eating her lunch on at rock at Trillium Lake. She was not the biggest fan of the ducks. In all fairness, we were minding our business (vegans don’t feed ducks, duh), and we were surrounded by 5-10 ducks. They were obviously very comfortable with people, as they were literally climbing on us.

After that fiasco, we went up to Timberline for some hiking. Let’s be real, we did hike, but really, I wanted a drink. We stopped at the bar, had drinkies, and some food! Turns out there are exactly two vegan things on the menu. Color me happy.

I might not have fully appreciated the views that day, but looking back at the photos, I’m having extreme gratitude for all of the beauty here in Oregon.

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A little peek into our 4th of July with friends. We ate yummy food, drank some drannnkkks, and  lit legal fireworks, which is really a nice way of saying, we lit “fireworks” that mostly made me think: “Is that thing actually working?”. Of course, holidays have added fun when we get to see Alba enjoying the festivities.

On the way home, we got “trapped” on top of the Marquam Bridge … In past years, when we’d watch the fireworks from the Hawthorne Bridge, I was always jealous of the cars that were able to stop right on top of the Marquam to watch the fireworks. Since other traffic was slowed, we decided we’d stop too. Al was snoozing in the back, and we to enjoy the show (the view of the city). It was a silly dream realized — just as great as I thought it would be.

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Last month, we spent a weekend at the coast with The Murrays. The weekend was lazy & lovely. I brought the “big” camera, but only used it for a bit of time this particular morning.

This beach house is so very special to us … we started visiting in 2012, and have made so many memories since then. It’s obviously seen so many changes over the years, but specifically with us, it’s seen us before kids, during pregnancy, and us with our little babies. Now, we visit and catch glimpses of our kiddos growing so quickly.

Our beach trip ended on a super warm & sunny day. We stripped Al down to her undies, and she played in the ocean. These are the moments I hope she’ll treasure … I know I do!!

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