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Sweet girl, this post will have to live without photos for a bit longer. Mama just hasn’t found the daylight hours to snap your monthly photos. A couple weeks late will have to do!

So, we called last month “fun”, and I think we can call this month “tiring”. As soon as you turned 9 months, you fell into the dreaded 9 month sleep regression. I didn’t know anything about it, but like clockwork, you started fussing more, acting tired, but refusing to sleep. All of your awesome sleeping skills went out the window, and we had a solid 3 weeks of working through it.

Sleep regression usually means you’re trying to master a new skill. More on this in your 10 month post, but by 9 months, you were crawling on your hands and knees. We never even saw you practicing, you just started doing it one evening. Go Al!

So, even though sleep has been horrific, you are still shining in other areas. When you’re awake, you are so very happy. You love playing with your stacking toys, and anything that rattles. Since you’re crawling, you are all over the place. See, this month is tiring.

We started Music Together this month, and so far, you seem to love it! I love the variety of songs, and that you’re so interactive during the class. We even have a CD for the car that papa isn’t too keen on. Grandpa Dale even got to come to one of your music classes!

Food is still going great. You’re still nursing (all through the night right now), and drinking formula. You still haven’t turned down a single food. Keep at it! We hope you love fruits and veggies! This month, you developed the ability to pick things up with your pointer finger and thumb … it’s so very cute!

This month, we took you to the ER for the first time. For diaper rash. Of course, had we realized it was diaper rash (and that you weren’t bleeding internally), we wouldn’t have gone. Why don’t we get 1 free ER trip as new parents?

You continue to mock faces and gestures. You are still making that awesome squinty face, and you love doing call and response noises with papa.

Remember last month when we assumed you were teething? Well, you were. Your top two teeth have popped through. You have a giant gap between them, and I absolutely love it! Also, your teeth are huge.

While this month has been very tiring, it’s also been so rewarding. We’re starting to see you as a little kid, and less of a baby. You are testing your new independence each day, and growing so fast. You are smart, and so happy. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

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Our weekend was kind of lovely. Jimmy woke up with Alba on Saturday morning, and let me sleep an extra two hours. With all of the sleep troubles she’s been having, I seriously wanted to kiss him on the mouth. But, sleep! They even went down to the coffee shop & picked up breakfast. You see why I wanna make babies with him?

That night, we drove out to West Linn to our friend’s annual pumpkin carving party. Alba got to pick her first pumpkin. By “pick”, I mean that she was in the carrier, and we picked one for her. She seemed totally okay with it. We then drank beer, ate good food, and helped miss Fey carve her pumpkin. I also got to do my first “discipline kids that are not mine” thing when I saw a little group of delinquents (mostly 4-6 year olds) bashing an old window with a stick. I felt cool when they stopped. (Seriously.) About twenty minutes later, they were at it again until some OG moms came over and regulated. I have so much to learn.

Overall, a great evening. It really feels like fall now … especially since I saw Christmas decorations for sale at Target! ;)


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*In an effort to get caught up, I spent some time over the weekend editing photos from early 2014. I really want them on the blog, so enjoy this walk down memory lane!*

When Grandma Jane visited, in March, we all took a trip out to Silver Falls State Park. We had been there before, but this time was super special. It was Al’s first hike!  The day was a hint of the spring weather we had been longing for. The clover & little wildflowers were blooming along the trail, and it felt so amazing to get out and move. Of course, back then, we couldn’t go too long without stopping to breastfeed, and I think we mistakenly thought she was big enough for the Ergo without the infant insert. Hey there, new parents!


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“A portrait of our daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014″ – A photo project …

Right around 9 months (the day before), Alba slipped into a dreaded sleep regression. Usually, a regression indicates a new physical skill they’re trying to master. This time, it was crawling, going from crawling to sitting, and pulling herself up to standing. My oh my! When did our baby get so big?!

See the other photos in this series.

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