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What Our Vegan Baby Eats

I get a lot of questions about what Alba eats. I thought it would be awesome the document a few days and share it here. I think people think a vegan diet is really extreme, therefore would be hard to raise a child this way … Let me tell you, I am pretty lazy. Let’s be real, if this was too hard, I wouldn’t do it. (You can see a lot more of her meals over on Instagram … #whatalbaeats.)

Alba loves oatmeal, so honestly, most mornings are oatmeal for breakfast. I always add nut butter, flax seeds, non-dairy milk, and hemp hearts for a little boost in nutrition. She loves bananas, so she usually has one for breakfast. Other breakfast options are smoothies, toast with nut butter, tofu scramble, or a hash with beans and avocado. We went out yesterday, and she had a corn cake, tempeh bacon and fruit.


We try to use leftovers for lunches as much as possible. When prepping her meals, I have a few focus points: good fats (cashew cream, avocado, coconut oil), low gluten (because I just don’t think she needs much of it), and a fruit/vegetable. If I don’t have leftovers, I go the quick route: a veggie burger patty, bean & cheese quesadilla, or chicken strips. We always have fresh fruit and veggies on hand, and I love stocking the freezer with frozen veggies.

At school, she eats a pretty adventurous menu (coconut curry, yakisoba noodles, tamales, and hummus plates), and they always do sides of fruits and veggies.


Snacks are usually super-simple. We do lots of fruit, cucumber with hummus, puffs, avocado, toast, seaweed, or other veggie.

WITL-Saturday-11WITL-Friday-6WITL-Friday-7Dinners are her jam. She usually eats a lot!! We try to give her what we’re having, or a modified version. Just like lunch, we try to get some good nutrition in … Over the weekend we had taco knots, Chipotle, and vegan mac & cheese. I always add veggies to her food for some extra vitamins. Tonight she had pasta with sweet potatoes and cashew cream, avocado, and black beans with hummus.

Really, it’s all about balance. If I feel like she’s having too much processed food, we’d opt for something really clean for dinner. Or, if she’s been a fruit monster all day, we’ll add some extra protein or veggies for dinner. I’m hoping summer brings more teeth, and she’ll want to explore more raw fruits and vegetables.


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