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W I T L : Sunday

Sunday, sweet Sunday. This was Alba’s 2nd Easter. Since we don’t have family close by, our holidays are about celebrating our life as our own little family. We’re establishing our own traditions, and I kind of love it. This Sunday was special … my sister and her friend arrived the day before.

First, here’s the full weekend: Friday & Saturday

Our cast:

Jim – 30

Me – 29.5

Alba – 15 months

Sunday morning was a little bit of a late start. Al woke up around 3:00, and ended up in our bed. Ugh. We are really struggling with her sleeping through the night. She goes to bed in her own bed (like a champ), but just can’t get back to sleep when she wakes. She did go right back to sleep after coming into our bed, so I am totally fine with it. I woke around 7:30, and she was still snoozing. Sweet girl.


8:30 – We had teenagers in the house, so the late morning was to be expected. We all got up & ready for breakfast. We went down to Vita Cafe (the best little breakfast place in our neighborhood). Alba was in a super flirty mood at home and at the restaurant. She absolutely loves waving at everyone.


10:30 – We make our way downtown to visit the Saturday Market (on Sunday). Haley wants to wear Alba (fine by me … my back is happy), and we venture around all of the booths. Obviously, Business Catual is the best name for a booth. Ever. Haley and Emily get Tarot card readings.

WITL-Sunday-10WITL-Sunday-11WITL-Sunday-18WITL-Sunday-15WITL-Sunday-17WITL-Sunday-20WITL-Sunday-22WITL-Sunday-24WITL-Sunday-231:30 – We’re back home. We stopped at Qdoba for lunch (for the big people). Alba really wanted our food, and was making the best flirty faces. We warmed up some leftovers for her. Sad horn.

WITL-Sunday-27WITL-Sunday-30WITL-Sunday-313:00 – Since it’s Easter, we thought we’d let Al paint some wooden Easter eggs. 1) we’re vegan, so we don’t use real eggs. 2) I love that I can keep these eggs each year.

WITL-Sunday-32WITL-Sunday-354:00 – We went on a walk around the neighborhood, and stopped at Salt & Straw for ice cream. We also bought a candle. This is big day, people.

The next couple hours are a blur. I did a really bad job of documenting it. This is why I can’t commit to doing a week in the life. I already start to fizzle by the time Sunday rolls around.

I do know that I decided I needed chili mac in my life. I cooked dinner while the girls entertained Alba.


7:30 – The girls were saints and gave Alba a bath for me!!! Thankyousweetbabyjesus.


We ended the night with a glass of wine. The girls went to bed early, so we got to relax and watch a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Dreamy day.

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