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VSCO Film 03 :: At Home

It’s hard to articulate the way I feel about VSCO Film and their Lightroom presets: Essentially, they changed our workflow. I know we don’t talk much about the technical parts of our photography, here, but it’s a huge part of our business, and it’s made an impact in our personal work too. Since landing here in Portland, we’ve been photographing our lives almost non-stop. Being a photographer makes you see the world in a different way. Suddenly, you see things in relation to space/light/etc., and that’s the part of our business we love the most (taking the photographs). So, when VCSO first released their original film presets, we purchased them immediately. We are big fans of film photography, and we loved the fact we could combine our digital work with our film work without a big gap in the way it all looked after processing. I loved that with one click, we were able to have images that looked exactly the way we wanted them too. And, with a few more clicks, we created personalized presets we use for every session.

This week, VSCO released their 3rd pack of presets, this time, focusing on instant film. I bought it yesterday and have been testing out the different filters on some of my favorite images … just as with the first set, I love these actions. I can see us using them a bit with our wedding/engagement work, but really, I love them for processing our personal images. While I absolutely LOVE photographing other couples, nothing compares to photographing & documenting our life. These presets help me process the photos the way I see them in my mind. They’re a bit magical, and I feel like we live in a pretty magical place.

Right now, they are offering the new pack for 25% off (or 50% off if you already have the pro version). Go go go!

**Oh, and one more note: That first photo (of the fishing/crabbing equipment) … Jimmy took this when we were in Manzanita for Jen & Casey’s wedding. Seeing as they are vegans, we left it out of their wedding photos. I forgot all about the image until yesterday … It’s one of my very favorite photos that Jimmy’s ever taken. Another reminder that I’m married to someone who loves the world as much as I do … and he’s talented … and quite handsome. It’s Valentines Day, so I totally get to brag about him for a minute!!**

It was requested I share the presets used … Keep in mind, I would run the preset, then possibly change the grain, fade, exposure, color balance, shadows, etc. So, these are modified a bit beyond the preset, but I think you get the idea:

Crab pots: Fuji FP 100c ++   //   Lavender: Polaroid 690 Cold ++   //    Jim: Polaroid 690 Warm +    //    Curtains: Fuji FP 100c Cool    //    Jim: Polaroid 699 – –    //    Plant: Polaroid 665 Negative    //    Bug: Fuji FP 100c Negative +++    //    Red Flowers: Fuji FP 100c ++    //    Ferns: Polaroid 690+    //    Jars: Polaroid 690 Warm +    //    Headphones: Fuji FP 100c ++    //    Ukulele: Fuji FP 100c Negative +    //    Fuji FP 100c Negative ++ Alt    //    Flower: Fuji FP 100 ++ Alt    //    Fence: Fuji FP 500b Negative +++    //    Blanket: Fuji FP 100c    //    Window: Polaroid 690 Warm    //    Bed: Fuji FP 100c+

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