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Last weekend, we had finally accepted that our turntable needed to be replaced. So yesterday, we headed out to buy a new one. We were both a little reluctant to buy a new player with built-in speakers, but it made sense for our tiny place. We found this Crosley unit & it’s just perfect. My friend, Gaelyn, had recommended it, and since she & her hubby are living in 550 sqft., I trusted her small-space-friendly recommendation. It’s all pretty simple & self-contained. The speakers sound good, and can go way louder than we are ‘allowed’ to turn them up. Setup was easy, and I’ll be honest, I really love the way this looks on our little shelf.

In some wonderful, music-related news, our favorite band, The Strokes, released a new song!! It’s their first single from their 5th album (hoping to hear about the release date soon). The song is funky, unique, and (even with that) has that classic Strokes sound that I love so much. You can download a copy of the song, for free, here.

Okay and please excuse my poor, dead plant. I’ve tried everything to save it … she’s a goner.

And … in totally un-related news, Bill did a good deal of stretching this weekend. It’s tough being a cat, we know. Also, we need to vacuum.

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