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Our Weekend :: My First Mother’s Day


Hey, look at this … We’re posting weekend recaps two weeks in a row! This weekend was especially amazing … It was my very first Mother’s Day! Friday night kicked off our weekend on a great night. Our friend Amanda, who moved to Seattle today, came over for dinner. We talked about the future, celebrated our friendship, and toasted to her journey. We had roasted basalmic veggies with quinoa for dinner, and Back to Eden for dessert. Mothers-Day-Weekend-1

On Saturday morning, we woke up & spent time in our bed as a family. Seriously, weekend mornings are the best. Al always wakes up in a good mood, and we love talking & cooing for an hour or so. I was in the mood for breakfast tacos, so I ran out to the store for eggs (yeah, after 3 months of eating a strict vegan diet, I decided to eat eggs every so often … the ones I bought were local, organic, vegetarian fed, and certified humanely raised).

When I got back home, I walked in to big band on the turntable, and Alba bouncing in her jumper. Jimmy decided to put together the IKEA cabinet for our new den space (previously my office). Mothers-Day-Weekend-5Mothers-Day-Weekend-4Mothers-Day-Weekend-6

After breakfast, we headed out to NW Portland to help Dave & Whitney move. We absolutely love them, and seeing our friends settle into their new house is so rewarding.

When we got home, our sweet friend Angie had brought a Bumbo chair down to our house for Alba to borrow for awhile. I think she loves it!

The rest of the day consisted of a long walk, a trip to the grocery, and putting Al down for the evening.


Nothing makes my heart happier. Mothers-Day-Weekend-14

When we woke up on Sunday, I delcared it was MY day, and we had to do everything I wanted. Obviously, I’m so mature. The day started with time in the bed, and then I discovered that J & Al had totally spoiled me with flowers, chocolate, and a homemade card. I especially love the note that “Alba” wrote me in my card.

We eventually made our way down to Tonalli’s (our favorite donut shop). Mothers-Day-Weekend-17Mothers-Day-Weekend-22Mothers-Day-Weekend-24Mothers-Day-Weekend-27Mothers-Day-Weekend-28Mothers-Day-Weekend-31Mothers-Day-Weekend-32

After breakfast, I wanted to go on a little hike. We’re really trying to set our family traditions for holidays now, and donuts and hiking are just fine with me!! We went to Oaks Bottom for a 3 mile hike. The sun was shining, and it was so lovely. Alba’s Babiators made an appearance. Mothers-Day-Weekend-38Mothers-Day-Weekend-46Mothers-Day-Weekend-47Mothers-Day-Weekend-52Mothers-Day-Weekend-53Mothers-Day-Weekend-55Mothers-Day-Weekend-56Mothers-Day-Weekend-57

After the hike, we went to Taco Bell for lunch (happy Mother’s Day to meeee), and then went to Garden Fever to buy some veggie starts. We had already planted a few of our beds with seed, but we’re getting impatient, and decided to do some starts to speed up the process.

On the way home, we passed a house with a big “free” pile out front. We picked up two wooden chairs which Jimmy broke within 2 minutes of getting them home. Win.

Once home, we popped open some light beers and headed into the backyard to do some work.


To finish the day, I really wanted veggie burgers on the grill. We made a vegan potato salad and tater tots (yes, so many potatoes). We toasted the occasion with a bottle of pinot that we’ve been saving.

Alba decided to take 2.5 hours to fall asleep, which meant it took us 3 hours to watch Game of Thrones.

At the end of the day, I was tired, but feeling so very loved. I’m a lucky, lucky woman, and I feel so lucky to be a mom. Jimmy made my day amazing, and I thanked Alba several times for making me a mom. She chose me!

On Monday morning, I received a bunch of photos from my aunt … Look at that, I’ve always looked good with a baby on my hip.

I hope all of you mamas had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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