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Our Labor Day Camping Adventure


A week before Labor Day, our friends John and Angie invited us to head to the coast for a big ol’ family camping trip. We searched and searched for a house sitter, and once we found one (hey Whitney!!), we jumped at the chance for a little camping. On Friday, we hopped into the Jeep, and headed out to Astoria.

This was Al’s second camping trip, and we were a little curious how a mobile baby would do in a tent. (It was totally fine). This was my first camping trip as a vegan. It was a great challenge. I prepped a lot of my food before we left. I didn’t take photos of any of it (if there aren’t photos, did it happen?), but I thought I’d share my menu. Friday night was vegan hot dogs, vegan potato salad, and baked beans. Saturday breakfast was pancakes (I put the dry ingredients together in a jar before we left, and kept the wet ingredients separate until right before we cooked them), and hash browns. Saturday lunch, we took a little trip up to Washington, and ended up eating PB&J and chips on a beach. Saturday dinner was awesome burritos. I made some Spanish rice before we left, then mixed in black beans. Our friends made guac, and we had other yummy additions. Yum! So good. Sunday morning, I cooked up some garden zucchini, onion, and hash browns, and put it into a tortilla with salsa. Sunday lunch was chickpea salad sandwiches I made before leaving home.

Aside from eating, we trekked all around NW Oregon and SW Washington. We played around on a slack line, drove on a beach, drank cheap beer, and truly enjoyed some time outside.

Here’s a bit of our adventure.

As the rain cleared on Saturday morning, we hopped in the cars, and headed up to Washington. The bridge across the river is the longest bridge I’ve ever been on. Ugh! Beautiful view, though! Camping-12Camping-14Camping-15Camping-16Camping-18Camping-20Camping-23Camping-24Camping-25Camping-28

Al ate her first 3 handfuls of sand! Camping-31Camping-33Camping-34Camping-35Camping-41Camping-43Camping-46Camping-47Camping-50

Before we got back on the road for home, we popped down to the beach for a bit. We sat there, drank beer, and watched a huge front (of fog) move through. Jim and Aaron tried body surfing, and Al got to dip her toes into the sand for the first time. Camping-53Camping-54Camping-59Camping-61Camping-62Camping-66Camping-67Camping-68Camping-71

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