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Our First Astoria Adventure with Al

*Enter day 2 of me wanting to work back through some older posts … this is actually not a draft, but rather, some photos that were forgotten on my hard drive. 


Back when Al was just a few months old, J’s mom came out for a visit. We decided that since we had been parents for a whole 2 months, and had a trip to Silver Falls under our belts, that we’d be awesome and take a three hour trip to the coast. This was the day that I obviously lost my damn mind. It all started with this …


Only joking!! My MIL is really passionate about Celtic Woman. If she read the blog (Jane, do you read this?) she’d be super offended if I said anything negative about them. Lets just say … driving around a bunch of cliffs? Maybe not the best CD to listen to. We did pass a helicopter though, which we were all pretty excited about. (Remember, J and I had just spent the last 6 weeks at home … everything was amazing.)


We arrived in Astoria and wanted to check out the famous shipwreck. Here’s a little nerd alert for you: I am really into historical things that went wrong. I just get really infatuated with history, in general, and when it’s creepy shit that is obviously haunted, I am just allll over it. (North Brother Island and Tillamook Rock Lighthouse are two of my favorites.) (If our house was haunted (holla 1908), I would not be all over it. I’d be gonnneeee.)


After Astoria, we hopped over to Washington via the scariest longest bridge. Whenever we cross this bridge, my brain goes into crazy mom mode: “What if the big earth quake happened right now, and we plunged into the water?” — Yep! These are the things I think about now that I’m a mom. Also, my MIL hates bridges (and being a passenger in a car, in general). We probably could have gone our whole lives without going over that bridge. Okay, so over the bridge, we arrived at Cape Disappointment, the saddest name for a beautiful place. I stayed in the car to nurse the babe, and J and his mom took in the views.

At this point, I was starting to freak out about how long we had been gone, and the fact that my boobs were running low and we didn’t have anymore formula. On the way back home, Alba had her first meltdown. It was so bad. It got so bad, we weren’t sure if she was breathing (or getting air) because she was screaming so horribly fast. We pulled over, we both had tears in our eyes … Jane was telling us it was totally fine (new parents can’t process that advice when their child is freaking out), and really, it was a bad scene. Not our finest moment. <- Heyyy, maybe that’s why I never shared this post. The day was a shit show. When we finally got Alba calm, we were able to put her back in her seat and continue our long ride home.

You’d think it would have scarred us … I’m pretty sure we went on an hour long car ride the next day. <- Great job, new parents … You guys were really on it. All that matters is that it was our baby’s first trip to Astoria (Goonies was filmed here!).


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