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Our Elowah Falls Adventure

On Sunday, we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge to explore a new area: Elowah Falls. I found this hike in our favorite hiking book, Curious Gorge … it was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon. We love hiking in the winter, but man, the Spring time is really amazing, too. The hearty plants were starting to bud & bloom, and the moss is growing like crazy. I really love how all of the moss/lichen have different tones. Some photos look cold, and others warm. Some moss is almost aqua, and others is like highlighter yellow. I am constantly in awe of this area that we live in. Aside from the beauty, this place challenges me more than I’ve ever known. Sure, seeing the waterfalls and views is awesome, but it takes strength to get to these places. The switchbacks are tiring, and after I complain 7,283 times, Jimmy encourages me to push through.

This hike was really awesome. Even though it’s only about 4 miles past Multnomah Falls, there were about 9,000 less people (and I’m not exaggerating) … I am pretty sure MF gets thousands and thousands of visitors per day. Yes, the falls are awesome, but these falls were breathtaking as well. On our hike, we only passed 8 or so people … so great to feel like we were in our own little spot. We hiked up, to Twin Falls, first, then back down to Elowah. I should mention that we totally got passed by a 4 year old, who passed us again later and exclaimed that he found ‘treasure’ while on his adventure. Oregon babies are pretty rad.

I love when we find historic treasures along the way. These giant pipes were built back in 1890’s to deliver water to the long-gone pulp mill below. I love that it’s still here … even though it’s full of holes & debris, it’s a great reminder of how Oregon was built.

Continuing on the trail, we came to a pretty epic viewpoint. These cliffs are no joke, and I’m happy they installed a railing for part of it (Oregon trails are notorious for being rather ‘at your own risk’).

Then we saw it: Twin Falls. Such a beautiful area!!

After hiking back down, we arrived at Elowah Falls. This area was beautiful. Years & years ago, the giant boulders fell from the face of the rock (eventually forming the falls). These giant pieces of earth still stand, covered in moss, like they’re guarding the area below the falls.

An old water tank, full of leaks and holes. That’s so Oregon. :)

Photos taken with Nikon D700 // 24-70mm 2.8 // Processed with VSCO Film

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