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Our Christmas Tree Adventure 2015


Last weekend, we hopped in the Jeep and headed out to West Linn, to our friend’s family’s farm, to get our Christmas Tree. It was our 5th year cutting down our own tree, and it’s one of my most favorite family traditions. Here we are in 2011 (new to Oregon), 2012 (last year of being kid-free), 2013 (so pregnant), and 2014 (Alba’s first Christmas). Funny enough, it was our first tree expedition in the rain (it’s about time, huh?).

There is something so special about establishing these family traditions with Alba. Sure, picking our tree is awesome … and feels like the spark needed for me to turn on the Christmas music. But, maybe it’s once we’re back home, in the warmth of our house. We usually fill the tree with ornaments (some of which have no meaning, other than just looking pretty), but this year we included only the ones that meant the most to us. Watching Alba sort through our boxes of special ornaments, and expressing joy at the dancing elf, or to the little mouse that Aunt Whit & Uncle Dave gifted her, is the best thing ever. Our usually crazy toddler was focused and intentional about decorating the tree. We took plenty of breaks to hang ornaments from her ears like giant earrings, dance around the living room, and think, “Oh my gosh, look at what we’ve made!” … This whole parenting thing has this way of¬†ensuring I know that my heart now lives outside of my body. I don’t visit this space much anymore, but it’s because having a toddler & a full time job is no joke. I hope I can pop in to share a bit about what we’re getting up to over the holiday. If not, I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday season!


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