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Back in January, I shared an update about our little bird – all of the wonderful growth she was experiencing at 2 years old. I hadn’t realized until now that it was the last time I’ve visited this space. This used to be a place I loved sharing our life, our adventures. Something about last winter put me in a weird emotional spot. Now that I’m on the other side, I realize it was likely seasonal depression (thanks, dark Portland winter). Coming through that wave of anxiety and depression felt like a reemergence of myself, almost a new self. Sailing into summer with a 2.5 year old, life feels different. This season of my life is less of a transition (though, with a toddler, everything is always changing so quickly). Our schedule is more predictable, we are generally sleeping better, and we’re eager to get out and show the world to our daughter.

I regret that I’ve all but forgotten this space. The blog itself doesn’t mean much, but the posts and photographs within the pages mean a lot to my heart. This blog followed our life from Indiana to Oregon. We shared so many adventures from the first few years we’ve lived here. It documented my pregnancy with Alba. I got to share the super-humbling journey of becoming a parent. But then, it all became too much. Balancing life and work was a chore – it took everything I had, and even then, I wasn’t great at finding any sort of happy medium. I was overworked, not sleeping, and dealing with too much on my plate. Something had to give … so I stopped posting.

When the sun started shining again, it was like magic. I once again committed myself to documenting our life. Even though I had no plans of sharing it on the blog (it was a thought in my head, but realistically, I knew I wouldn’t want that pressure), I’ve been taking tons of photos. Since January, we’ve done some pretty fun things. We’ve gone yurt camping, tent camping, visited the coast, visited the gorge, taken our first trip to the San Juan islands, and explored more of our beautiful region with our daughter in tow. I’ve documented her face when seeing a sea lion for the first time. I setup the sprinkler, and photographed her playing in the golden liquid light in the evening. We’ve had family photographs taken (so treasured). I have images of our friends … everyday images that mean so much. I’ve been intentional about recording these special moments, but also ensuring I have more time away from the camera. Sometimes it’s just about living in the moment, and allowing it to live in your memory.

Of course, 2.5 isn’t always smooth sailing. We still struggle with sleep sometimes. Our child is very much the definition of a spirited or strong-willed child. We’re exhausted each day, and we’re constantly teaching ourselves how to be better parents for Alba. I’m still working very hard, but I’m happy to report that I have found more of a balance that makes me feel fulfilled. As we find more time to sink into this season of life, I hope I have more to share here … I’d love to share new spots we’ve found for exploring – after all, I know it can be challenging to find resources for family friendly adventures.

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