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Alba :: 10 Months


Sweet, sweet girl … You are 10 months old. This past month has been quite the doozy. Here’s what we’ve been up to (and yeah, you’ve been up to a lot):

Your sleep is still insane. My amazing sleeper is long gone. You’ve combined some sleep issues with some separation anxiety, and man, mama and papa are so tired. We now count on you spending the night in our bed, and honestly, I kind of love it. I’ll take cuddles as long as I can get them.

You’re still a champ with food. You’ve like everything so far. We’ve given you some really fun foods, and you’ve never turned a single thing down. Well, you didn’t really like that potato, green bean pouch, but it was pretty gnarly. You love to share bananas with me in the morning, and you really love avocado. It’s hard to pick your favorite food!

We’re still doing music together, and now you’re clapping along to the music. It’s the best. Maybe dancing is next? Instead of eating the drumsticks, you’re really using them to make sounds. It’s cute!

At home, you’re all about puzzles, stacking toys, and nesting toys. You have some fancy battery toys, but you could take or leave them. You’re all about figuring your simple toys out. Let’s be real though, you don’t really play with your toys very often. It’s usually a constant battle to keep you away from cords, drawers, papa’s bike, and the dog’s bowls. You are so curious about everything. 

When we aren’t playing, we’re listening to music or going on walks. You are so interactive, and I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend all day. Even though I love hanging out with you so much, I am almost certain your favorite time of day is when papa walks through that door.

You’ve continued with teething. You now have 7 teeth. SEVEN! Four on top and three on the bottom. You love showing them off when you make your squinty face. Teething has been harder on you this month than past months, but you’re still an easy babe.

You’re still such a joy. We seriously never have to wonder if you’ll behave in public … You are just so easy going. While teething has been hard, and sleep has been crappy, YOU are just so wonderful. My heart beats fast when I realize how close to a year we are. Man, slow down! (And really, don’t slow down. You are so much fun.)


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