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Hello lovely! Welcome to our blog. We are Jim & Ravyn, two (very late) twenty-somethings living in Portland, Oregon. That little lady up there? That’s our daughter, Alba. We welcomed her, within the walls of our home, in January 2014.

Okay, now that we’ve officially introduced ourselves, here’s a bit more about us and this space. We first met in 2005, when we were both students at Ball State University in Indiana. We didn’t meet in school … we met on Myspace. (Yes, pure awesomeness.) After 3 years of dating, we got married, and moved to Indianapolis to start our careers. Shortly after we were married, we dreamed of moving to the Pacific Northwest. In November 2011, after Jim wrapped grad school & I left my day job, we moved across the county to Portland, Oregon. Since landing here, Ravyn has grown her design studio, and Jim works in architecture. Together, we run a photography business, where we’re passionate about capturing real life. Our ideal wedding clients know the marriage is more important than the wedding, and truly appreciate photography. Aside from weddings, Ravyn photographs births. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a family grow, and it’s such a blessing to document it for posterity.


In 2012, we decided to start our family. In April 2013, we learned that we were expecting our first baby. We decided to wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby, and our goal was to go through this journey in the most natural way possible. Weeks were spent focusing on yoga, eating a vegetarian diet, meditating, and documenting the process so we could reflect on it later. Eventually, we decided that we’d have a home birth, and work with our amazing midwives. In January 2014, our daughter was born in our living room. It took us a few hours to name her, but eventually, we chose a name that Ravyn had dreamed of before getting pregnant. Our sweet Alba is full of joy and enthusiasm for life. She’s constantly happy, doesn’t love naps, and can eat like nobody’s business.

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We started this blog several years ago to document our transition from Indiana. What at first was a way to keep in touch with family, has now grown into a place to share our passions. The weekends are our favorite time … we wake up early, make yummy breakfasts, explore our city, and spend as much time outside as we can. We are passionate about natural living, and parenting with love. Ravyn has been a vegetarian since 2008, and a vegan since early 2014 … You’ll find lots of food posts here, as well as a bit about the journey towards veganism. After experiencing a wonderful pregnancy and birth, you’ll see birth/woman advocacy here, insights into the midwifery model of care, and resources for breastfeeding (and the issues that can come along with it). Basically, this is a peek into our life … For now, there are a lot of baby photos. (Alba has 7 grandparents that only get to see her online most of the year.) From time to time, we’ll share our other accomplishments and adventures like camping, hiking, new recipes, and insights into our home life. Posts here range from serious, to funny (we try), to random, to hippie, to snarky, to … anything. It’s our journal. This blog uses the word vagina, Ravyn ate her placenta, we co-sleep, we believe in common sense parenting, we love to grow our food, and really, this just scratches the surface. We believe in love, and we let that lead the way.

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*Images in header & sidebar by She Saw Things Photography by Jen Downer

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