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4th of July


A little peek into our 4th of July with friends. We ate yummy food, drank some drannnkkks, and  lit legal fireworks, which is really a nice way of saying, we lit “fireworks” that mostly made me think: “Is that thing actually working?”. Of course, holidays have added fun when we get to see Alba enjoying the festivities.

On the way home, we got “trapped” on top of the Marquam Bridge … In past years, when we’d watch the fireworks from the Hawthorne Bridge, I was always jealous of the cars that were able to stop right on top of the Marquam to watch the fireworks. Since other traffic was slowed, we decided we’d stop too. Al was snoozing in the back, and we to enjoy the show (the view of the city). It was a silly dream realized — just as great as I thought it would be.

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