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When Your Friends Have Babies


Can we just take a minute to soak in 4 hour old Alba? Okay, I have to stop, or I’ll be getting pregnant later today.

Back to the point of my post … all of my friends are having babies. In the last month, 3 of my dearest friends have welcomed their sweet little ones, and there are 2 more on the way this summer. Dear oh dear … my heart is just bursting with joy.

When my best friend welcomed her baby, Tenny, I was right there … holding her, supporting her … photographing it all. The moment she was born, I was just full of adrenaline that it wasn’t quite setting in. It wasn’t until an hour later when I was holding my bff’s baby that I just cried sweet tears of joy.

Then, my midwife welcomed her babe. Talk about full circle. When you can attend the birth of your own midwife, it’s a super special feeling. I watched her work through an experience she had guided so many women through … It was beautiful.

Just this week, another dear friend delivered her precious baby within the walls of her home. It was a birth she prepared so much for, and wanted so much!

While we aren’t quite ready for another baby, it’s just amazing to see my friends going through this journey. There is no greater gift than watching my friends become mothers (or seeing them adding to their family). It inspires me, humbles me, and makes me so proud. It’s powerful. My tribe is strong …

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