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We Voted!

Today is huge … It’s Election Day. Growing up, I never thought I’d care this much about the outcome of an election. I was told that only with age would I start to understand the importance … those people were right. Last weekend, Jimmy & I sat on our couch with our ballots (Oregon is a vote-by-mail state) … We looked through our voter guides to be sure we understood each┬ácandidates┬ástance, and the local measures we’d be voting for or against. After some time, we sealed our envelopes & took them to our elections office.

Today, it’s been amazing watching our friends post photos of their “I VOTED” stickers. While we didn’t get the stickers, we are wearing pride today … I am proud, as a woman, to have the right to vote. We am proud to say that we voted for Barack Obama. When human rights are in question (whether it’s the right to marry or overseas wars), there is no question that I want Obama leading our country. We voted for him 4 years ago, and we’re proud to support him again. Honestly, we’re scared of the outcome. We hope that people understand that our economy is growing … no matter who wins today, it will keep growing. What we need is someone who will fight for those who need a strong advocate. We believe in equality, and while the red tape is thick, we believe, one day, we will ALL the same rights.

Tonight, we will stop at Chipotle for dinner … we’ll sit in front of the TV, and witness one of the biggest decisions of our lives. No matter who wins, I am so very proud of everyone who is voting!!

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