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We are Vegans & You Are Being An Asshole

*A long week with a sick baby means I am going back through my saved draft posts … Hope you enjoy this gem. 


(sad baby is sad when you make fun of veganism)

Do you want to know an interesting fact about being married to an omnivore? He helps keep my ego in check. You see, it wasn’t long after becoming a vegetarian that I really started to persuade Jimmy to become a vegetarian. At that time, he assured me it would never happen. Nearly 7 years later, I’m a vegan, and he still eats meat. We’ve had talks from time to time about it, but I know that we’re all on our own journey. He eats 80% plant-based, and that’s a big change from how it used to be. So, when I start getting high and mighty on my vegan soapbox, he reminds me to take it down a notch.

*I wrote this post several months ago … since then, Jim hasn’t eaten meat. He’s refusing to call himself a vegetarian though. As the cashier as the grocery store explained (because I mean, she’s vegan, so we chat), some people just don’t like labels. Okay, Stadick. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck … 

It’s really odd to me that nearly every time I post a photo of my dinner, and someone always has to say something like, “Where’s the beef?”, or, “That really makes me want a steak!”.

Our neighbor straight up said, “You can’t do that!” when she found out that we are raising Al as a vegan. Thanks for your unsolicited input.

As many readers of this blog know, I’m very passionate about being a vegan. After being a vegetarian for 6 six years, I finally made the change to an all plant-based diet, and I am truly proud of myself.

Because my meals lack animal products, people automatically think they’re gross or unsatisfying.

My favorite asshole moment comes from the people who think they are going to trick me:

“Imagine this: you’re stuck on a island with nothing but wild rabbits. Would you eat meat then?” — I love my friend’s answer, “Nope! I’ll have what the rabbits are having!”. Or there’s this gem, “If we weren’t meant to eat meat, we wouldn’t had teeth that can be used for tearing flesh.” — Okayyyy, compare yourself to a lion again. I’m sure that lion also drives a car, and complains about his wifi not working. 

You guys … as soon as someone learns that you are vegan, or do *anything* different, they suddenly become experts in the field. No one ever cared about my iron/b-12/vit d, calcium until I went veg.

The struggle is real. ;)

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