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W I T L : Saturday

It’s so funny how doing these posts makes the weekend seem so long … Maybe it’s coming from a place of “we never sleep”, so seeing what a full day looks like just makes my head spin. Whatever the reason, really love doing them. Even after culling through the images from today, I had already forgotten a few¬†adorable things. To get up to speed, here’s our Friday.

And now, our Saturday.

8:00 – Weirdly, we woke up after 8:00 (8:06 to be exact), on our own, without a baby crying. Thank you baby!! We had so much to do, so we pretty much jumped out of bed right away and got her onto her potty and up for breakfast. I make Al some oatmeal with ‘nanas (her favorite), and make myself a cup of coffee. Jim makes himself a hummus bagel, and I decide to cook up some hash browns with onions and mushrooms.


9:00 – We’re all done with breakfast. Al and I go into her playroom while J gets ready for a bike ride. I catch up on my Mom’s One Line A Day journal (that is really neglect 75% of the year), and drink another cup of coffee. Al decides she wants to look through our 2014 photo album. She stops on every page to say, “Baby!”. She loves to find daddy and point to him in all of his photos.


10:30 – Alba starts signing that she’s hungry, so I give her some strawberries and an orange to snack on. Then, it’s nap time!!


11:00 – Al goes down for a nap, and I spend a little time working.


1:30 РJ is home, and I wake Al up for lunch. We want her to have 2 naps today, so I am totally ok with her first nap being short. Her lunch is a little weird: meatless chicken strips with ketchup, sautéed green peppers mixed with hummus, and some pasta with sauce and nutritional yeast. I make myself two Gardein chicken sliders, and a pickle. #sohealthy


2:30 – After lunch, it’s time to clean. We trade off watching Alba and cleaning. My sister is set to arrive in just a bit, and we wanted to give the illusion that we aren’t total slobs.

3:30 – Since we hadn’t gotten the baby outside yet, we decided to go on a little neighborhood walk. It’s such a beautiful day! (Our fig tree is budding!!!)


4:30 – We’re home, and we put Al down for another 45 minute nap. J and I finish up the house, and head out for errands. IKEA, Chipotle, and Target. Boom … I love errands! Also, Al ate a huge side of rice & beans on her own (I brought avocado from home. I’m such a rebel).


7:00 – We pick my sister and her friend, Emily, up from the airport. Hooray!!! Also, I’m happy I confirmed … I thought they were arriving at 4:00. I would have been waiting for quite awhile!


8:30 – We are home. Haley and Emily helped us get Al ready for bed, and then J and I went out on a date. A real date!!!! We had a few drinks, lots of good conversation, and agreed that we need to do it more often.



11:00 – Back home, off to bed.

What a day!!!

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