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W I T L : Friday

I’m not quite sure if this is going to be a “week in the life” or a “weekend in the life” (like last October), but heyyyy, today is day numero uno.

Either way … here’s our current cast:

  • Jim: 30 (as of this week!!!)
  • Ravyn: 29
  • Alba: 15 months

Bill, Ruca, and Molly (the pets) might make an appearance too!

This morning was Friday … that means that Al didn’t have school, and I was home with her all day. I’m still settling into this new schedule, but overall, I love having a day with her all to myself.

I woke up around 7:15 on my own (no alarm, no baby crying!!), and laid in bed for a few minutes to wake up. Jim offered to wake her up, but once he opened her door and saw that she was laying on her new pillow, he called me in for reinforcements. It was SO CUTE! We got her up, sat her on her potty, and then went into the kitchen for breakfast. I wasn’t quite ready for food, but I made Alba a smoothie and a piece of peanut butter toast.


9:00 – After breakfast, I really needed a shower. #momlife … I just don’t give myself enough time to shower and get ready. Today, we were planning to go into public, so I needed to make myself presentable. LOL at my simple makeup routine … this used to consist of a lot more. I showered while Al played in her highchair, and got ready for errands.


10:00 – We needed to go to Michaels for some crafty stuff. Since we aren’t dying real eggs, I wanted to pick up a few wooden ones for her to decorate. Also, she’s been ready for crayons for a few weeks, and we wanted to get her some. Shopping with a cart is a constant battle of me saying, “We sit on our bottoms when in the cart!”, and me not getting too close to any shelves (Arms McGee likes to grab everything). While we were out, we also stopped at the store for bananas, and like 40 other things I wasn’t planning on buying.


11:30 – We are home, and Al needs a snack. I gave her an orange. Then a banana. Then 4 strawberries. after snack, it’s nap time (!!!). She used her potty, then went down without a peep. I realize I didn’t eat breakfast, so I make myself a couple Gardein chicken sliders (holla! so good!!!), and a cup of coffee.


12:00 – Time for mama to work!! I usually take Fridays off, but I had a few fires to put out with a site launch, and I always need time to answer emails. I don’t usually work at the coffee table, but I had an in-person site meeting this week, and opted to work here instead of in my studio. Not going to lie, I kind of loved working from the dining room table!!


2:00 – Al is awake, and it’s time to make lunch. Also, it’s time for Laurie Berkner radio on Pandora. I love her!! I decided to heat up leftovers from our fajitas last night. I give Al some quinoa and 1/2 of an avocado too. I turn mine into tacos … bliss. I could eat Mexican food every day of the week. Oh, and that cashew cream? It’s dreamy! Al ate most of her lunch, but pushed her plate onto the table when she was done. Thank you sweet child … I’d much rather you do that versus throwing it on the floor!


3:00 – After lunch, I decided to give Al a chance to play with her new crafty supplies. I make myself another cup of coffee (obviously, momming so hard), and let her have it. Soon after starting, I realize she needs to be in her highchair. She instantly started coloring all over her little table. Thanks kid. After a bit, I offer her some paints and a little canvas. Be still my heart. J said it looks like a Georgia O’Keeffe.



4:00 – My seester called us on Facetime, and she chats with Alba as I start cleaning up lunch and the crafts. After Al is done painting, we go into the living room so she can play with her puff balls and climb all over me.


4:45 – Al is super, super whiney. I call J to see if we can pick him up early. It’s First Friday at his office, and he suggests we venture downtown to have a drink and visit with his office mates. Since she’s acting stir-crazy, I decide it’s a great idea, and we head out.

5:15 – We get to J’s office. We head upstairs, everyone starts fawning over Al, and I poured myself a glass of wine.


5:45 – We start our adventure back home … J mentions a martini, and ding, ding, ding, I decide I¬†need one (like 5 minutes ago) … We stop at the liquor store for the goods, and head back home. I start dinner (crescent roll taco knots), and make myself a drink.


6:45 – Dinner time. I give Alba an orange, 1/2 of an avocado, and a taco knot with cashew cream. To my surprise, she ate all of it. She also had two strawberries. Thanks papa!

7:30 – Al is tired … J takes her into her room to potty, run around and have naked time, and get ready for bed.


8:00 – I don’t even have to read her a story … I just sing to her and slow dance for a few minutes with her in my arms. She goes to bed super easy, and I breathe a sweet sigh of a day well done. J and I cozy up in our bed and turn on Sons of Anarchy (my favorite show¬†eveerrrrrr), and drink martinis.


10:30 – We call it a night!! J has a bike ride tomorrow, and I am just freaking tired! Goodnight friends!!

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