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The Next Chapter

Over the past eight years, our lives have been made exponentially better thanks to each other … we’ve each been the key element to the other growing into the people we are, and have done so with love, endless amounts of laughter & encouragement beyond words.

Since we married nearly five years ago, our life looks totally different than we thought it ever would. We’ve landed 2,200 miles away from where we started, and we’ve found our tribe. We’ve traveled, loved, met new people, tried new foods, discovered, etc. We’ve truly grown as people. Our past eighteen months here have been more than we could have imagined … our life is better because of the decision to choose a life of adventure, and it’s more-full because of the beautiful, loving friends we’ve met since landing here.

Naturally, this sense of fullness is something we recognize and give thanks for each and every day. It is only because of this transition & sense that we’re where we wanted to be that we felt it was time for the next chapter of our story together: This January, we will be meeting the little one that we’ve been thinking about for so long. Yes, we’re having a baby!!!

For the last 13 weeks, we’ve been navigating the waters of pregnancy; learning from the amazing people in our lives, and finding out what this journey is all about. We’ve shared the news with a few people so far, but now, we are so happy to share it with everyone we know.

If all goes to plan, we’ll be meeting our little one within the walls of our new home. Yes, announcement number two: after a year or so of planning for a home in Portland, we found out last week we got the house we were hoping for. It’s a lovely craftsman bungalow in the Alberta neighborhood, and it’s just what we needed to start our little family.

Our story will be one of learning along the way, trusting that my body is made for this, and embracing every part of this experience. We aren’t planning on turning this into a ‘baby blog’, but it will reflect our life … and I am so excited to share our experiences with this pregnancy: choosing natural birth at home, picking our midwives, becoming first time parents, and growing as a couple throughout it all.

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been so supportive of our marriage, and the news of this new baby. It means the world to have such an amazing support system … we appreciate you all more than we can say.

If you’re interested, we’ve been keeping a record of the first thirteen weeks over on a temporary baby blog. From now on, all updates will be made here, but if you want to know how we found out, and what we’ve been doing these last three months, it’s a good place to look! To keep up with things here, you can subscribe (via email) using the Subscribe widget on the right side of the screen. You’ll need to confirm your subscription by entering your email address, and clicking on the link you’ll receive. Then, you’ll get an update each time we post.

Here’s a 3d (or 4d?) image from our scan yesterday … I can’t get over this 13 week old booty. So cute!

THANK YOU AGAIN! Now, we’re off to play with the baby clothes we’ve received from our moms and marvel at how freaking tiny everything is!


Jim & Ravyn

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