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The Last One for Awhile …

This space has gone silent … it happened the last time around too. As it turns out, chasing two vibrant kids + working full time + living life doesn’t leave me much time to check in here. And, because I didn’t feel like I could just let it go, I wanted to officially put this space on pause for awhile.

She Saw Things Photography

Maple is 14 months old now. She’s a happy, mischievous, loving, loud baby. Sleep is getting better … she’s kind of picky … she is obsessed with mom, and has her moments with dad. She’s not quite walking yet, but is really loving her little walker. She just started preschool, and she’s adapting slowly, but having really good days, overall.

Alba is so 4.5. She’s continuing to test all boundaries, and is so full of her own energy and personality. She’s truly one of a kind. She’s so funny, stubborn, loving, and so incredibly smart. She has two settings: sleeping or talking a million miles per minute. She’s super into music and art right now, and loves sending people handwritten cards.

We (Jim and I) are good. We’re busy, but not glorifying that … we’re working hard to realize some dreams we have. We’re wondering if we want to stay in Portland. If a “9-5” is the best fit for us. What we’re working so hard for (daycare in Portland is bananas). For now, we’re keeping at it. Days are go-go-go, and evenings are usually spent catching up on TV, and eating ice cream on the couch. I really can’t complain.

Even though we won’t be checking in here for awhile, I do share a lot over on Instagram. I hope to see you there.


Photo is by She Saw Things Photography

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