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Random Thoughts On Pregnancy :: The 1st Trimester

Pregnancy brain is real … of course, the most common understanding of this phrase is the idea that you go brain dead over the course of your pregnancy. While it’s totally true (hello, where did I put my keys?!), there are also some other elements: mama-bear syndrome, crazy dreams, and being so emotional you can’t watch a cheese commercial without getting teary. Because of this pregnancy brain, pregnancy is actually pretty fun. It gives you stories to tell (if you can remember them), and so many moments you can put into your “remind me to never do that in my life” bank. Over the past thirteen or so weeks, I’ve heard a lot, thought a lot, and learned a lot. Here are a few random thoughts & happenings during our first trimester.


  • I needed Swiffer mop things for the Swiffer. I knew as soon as I thought of it that I’d forget them if I didn’t write it down. By the time I grabbed a pencil & paper, I forgot. It took me two weeks of wondering what it was until I remembered … while at Target … while walking right past them.
  • I can’t think of words that have been a regular part of my … my … my … vocabulary. That’s it!


  • When talking about baby names, we’ve had some really lukewarm reactions from friends & family. Here’s the deal … if someone trusts you enough to tell you a name they’re considering for their baby, you better act like it’s the best freaking name you’ve ever heard. Even if the name is Eagle Danger Smith … that’s the best thing ever as far as you’re concerned. Otherwise you’re going to hurt their feelings. For the record, we aren’t sharing names any longer. And, we are not considering Eagle Danger Stadick. Don’t worry!
  • Someone told us they can’t imagine us as parents. Wow. Thanks for that one.
  • Don’t ask someone if they were trying for their baby. It’s rude, and implies you think they’re irresponsible or something. Equally as obnoxious, “It’s about time!” … sometimes couples try for a long time without much success, and hearing that can hurt. As a rule of thumb, “Congrats. I’m so happy for you!” is generally a pretty appropriate thing to say.
  • As soon as people know you’re having a baby, they love to bombard you with horror stories like, “I knew this person who knew a woman who DIED while she was pregnant!” … Hellllooooo, who wants to think about that? Not me. Instead, keep your horror stories to yourself, and just give advice when solicited.


  • Dreams I’m having a baby with my ex boyfriend. Sweet. No thanks.
  • Dreams that a baby is tearing out of me. Yikes.
  • Dreams that involve sex … okay, these ones aren’t terrible.
  • Dreams that involve ghosts. Awful.
  • Dreams that make me think we’re having a girl.
  • Dreams that make me think we’re having a boy.
  • A dream where the baby’s leg was hanging out and the doctor just told me to put it back up there?!?!
  • At least 18 different dreams per night. Tiring.


  • We are due in January. I know I’ve posted the actual due date, but I won’t due it again. We’re trying to avoid the inevitable, “when will the baby be here?” questions. If we haven’t had the baby by February, you’re welcome to ask!
  • We are not finding out what we’re having. There are so few surprises in life, and it’s our choice … we think waiting to find out is the best for us, and I think it’ll be extra motivation during labor.
  • Related, we don’t really have a preference or feeling to either at this point. Since it’s our first baby, we really don’t care. We are totally cliche: we just want a healthy baby. I have zero intuition at this point … okay, I had a dream it was a girl, but I’m finding myself more drawn towards baby boys. Who knows!
  • As we mentioned: we have some names picked out, but I think we’ll wait until we meet the baby until we pick one. Names we like, but aren’t going with include: Ira, August, Jack, Simon, Rose, Penny, Olive, and Celia. That’ll give you an idea of the direction we’re going. Sorry, at this point, we aren’t sharing the top contenders. We suck, we know.
  • As of now, we are planning a home birth with experienced midwives. Before you tell us what a terrible idea it is, please refer to the 4th point in the “Don’t Be This Person” category. We’ll be sharing so much more about this decision at a later date. For now, we believe that pregnancy & birth are both natural processes, and as long as there aren’t prior complications, birthing at home is just as safe (if not safer) than at a hospital.
  • I love feeling my more animalistic side taking over … I sleep when I feel it’s needed, I eat when my body needs nourishment, I do what needs to be done. We are animals, and facing pregnancy for the first time utilizes instincts I never knew I had. It’s really amazing.
  • There’s nothing like going hiking, looking out at the view, and knowing that I’m growing a life within my body. Jimmy and I have such a connection to nature, and when we’re immersed in it, I feel such a strong connection to my body, and the little life growing within me.
  • I’m learning so much about how every pregnancy is totally different from any other. Things like morning sickness, when you start showing, when you feel the baby, weight gain, emotions, etc., are all different. Some people experience these things early, and others later. I’m learning to take each day at a time, and enjoy each experience as it happens.

***We are a few weeks into the 2nd trimester, and things are getting so fun. I haven’t gagged for three whole days. WHAT?! I’m excited to share a new ‘random thoughts’ once this trimester wraps … we’re nearly 1/2 way through this journey!


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