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Portland Fog

Before living in Portland, I never knew a place that was so very tied to the weather. It’s a true piece of daily conversation around here, and it’s been fun to see. So, here it goes: each year, our weather is really predictable. October – April, it’s rainy. Sure, you’ll get a few days without it (which are glorious), but we just put on our rain boots, drink more coffee, and wear layers. You leave the umbrella at home. In April, our flowers have bloomed, the trees are budding, and the sun starts to shine. Spring is here, and it’s usually here to stay. Come July, it’s hot. You can count on no rain once the 4th has passed … The dry weather stays until September. October if we’re lucky. When October rolls around, the gray skies return. It rains, and washes away our beautiful Autumn leaves. The rain sticks around for a few more months until those flowers start to bloom again.

This year, it’s different. Very different. It’s October, and the sun is shining … it has been shining. The warm sunshine makes our days quite lovely. Something I hear will likely never happen again in these parts … So, we’re taking it in.

Seeing as we’ve had unusual weather, I was sad that we wouldn’t get our yearly visit from the Portland Fog. Each fall, our mornings are blanketed in thick fog … the west hills are hidden, and the entire city feels magical. Last week, it arrived. I got up early to capture a bit of the fog right outside our door … Here’s a bit of the magic:

Images taken with Nikon D700 // Processed with VSCO Film

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