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Peace Out Gallbladder


A few weeks ago, I was in the ER at 5:00 in the morning. We toted Alba along with us, and were there until noon. While I was there, I discovered I was suffering from a gallbladder attack. I had gallstones.

This morning, we went into the hospital again to get my gallbladder removed.

I was a big ball of nerves once we arrived. I even cried a little bit after the anesthesiologist gave the OK to wheel me into the OR. I had to say goodbye to Jimmy which was a bit traumatic. While I’m not a negative/morbid person, I was just so nervous. Within 5 minutes, I was in the OR, and don’t recall a single thing.

Upon waking from the anesthesia, my post op nurse was basically yelling, “Don’t rub your eyes! No, Ravyn! Please stop rubbing your eyes!” … I just kept saying I was so tired. I also asked how my hair was. He was kind to tell me it looked great. Ha! So vain!!

The surgery was done laparoscopically, so my recovery should be okay. I’m pretty sore today, and preparing for more soreness tomorrow. I opted out of pain medicine, and will take Tylenol as needed … I ¬†got a prescription to keep on hand just in case. My belly feels bloated, and my goodness, my breath smells like a nursing home (what’s up with that???).

While I wasn’t a fan of the hospital as a place to meet Alba, I was more than happy to consent to this surgery. I am thankful for my surgeon (who was so amazing & kind), and thankful for the team of fellow mamas who helped prep me (my nurses, and anesthesiologist). Mostly, I was so thankful for Jimmy. He never once acted nervous or scared. I knew he was a bit (or, figured he better be), but he was my rock. He took care of Al all day, and will continue to take care of both of us the rest of the week.

Peace out gallbladder … You weren’t even very cute (and yes, I totally brought home a photo (and no worries, I’ll spare you).

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