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After a few days of enjoying Portland with my mama (hooorrraaayyy, Gigi is here!!), we decided to take a trip to Cannon Beach — one of our favorite spots on the Oregon coast. What really made us want to take the trip was the fact that it was forecasted to be FIFTY and SUNNY!! In January! That’s nearly unheard of for the Oregon coast during this time of year.

When we got into town, we stopped at Seasons Restaurant for a quick bite. I loved that they had a few vegan options for Alba & I. It’s sometimes a bit challenges to find good vegan food (no, I don’t want salad) outside of Portland. Ooohhh, Portland … I just couldn’t quit you.

After lunch, we meandered around the town for a bit before heading down to the beach. I knew Alba would love it, but I underestimated how much she’d want to explore on her own. She immediately discovered the wet sand, sticks, and shells. She carried her little bucket around and collected treasures. She wasn’t afraid to get a bit of distance from us … she explored like a champ.

After a couple of toddler moments (like falling face first into the wet sand twice), the wind started picking up, and we headed back to the car for the trip back home — Alba was asleep before we even got into the car.

I’m so happy to finally have a nice (non-windy) trip to the coast with my mom. Our last few attempts have been a failure in the “OH MY GOSH, IT’S SO WINDY!” department.

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This weekend was all about transitioning between the holidays and the rest of winter. We put the ornaments away until next year, did some winter cleaning, and settled in for the cooler, rainier weather. I’m almost done knitting a scarf for Al, and my houseplant collection is growing (and I’m trying to keep better care of the old ones).

We weren’t expecting was to wake up to snow this morning. When I got out of the shower, I thought I could see white outside of our frosted bathroom window. I opened it, and saw a blanket of snow over the yard. By the time we woke Alba up, big snowflakes were flying all around. Realistically, this storm in the valley will be the only one (or one of few few) snows we have in this winter. Watching Alba light up when she saw it was amazing. An excited, “It ‘nowing!” was the sweetest to hear.

Right before the sun went down, we popped out to play in the snow. Alba loved sledding (until she decided she hated it – ohhhh toddlers!). Jim built a little snowman, and Alba sat down to talk to him: “Hi little guy!”.

This weekend was one of those that leaves you feeling fulfilled and refreshed. We ended our evening with homemade vegan chili & a fire in the fireplace (the fire would seem cozier if it weren’t for our binging of American Horror Story – a 1908 Craftsman is the perfect pairing to a horror show). Tomorrow, our girl turns two. My heart is full, and I’m excited for another adventurous year with our wild babe.

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