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Our Little Fig Tree

Our little backyard is becoming an oasis of sorts … Heading out to water our garden, harvesting fresh fruits & greens, watching the pups play, and sitting in the sunshine are parts of my day that I really look forward to. It’s been two years since we’ve had a yard … We’re loving it so far. Yes, even picking up dog poop has a special joy attached to it. Well, that might be taking it too far.

The other night, Jimmy headed out to pick some ripe figs for homemade jam. Eight pounds later, he was ready for the kitchen. He made three concoctions: marionberry-fig, cinnamon-whiskey-fig, and a vanilla-fig. All three are amazing!! My little Better Crocker! This weekend, we’re hoping to get our tomato & zucchini starts planted. Oregon has a long growing season, so we’re hoping we haven’t missed the boat on that one!

Can we give three cheers for this outfit? Hahaha.

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