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Our Christmas Tree Adventure :: 2012

This weekend, we headed out to Oregon City to Deininger Farms. We love this place! We visited last year right after we moved to Oregon. It’s been fun to make heading to the farm a little tradition. After buying the tree, we stopped in their barn to pick out some yummy blackberry jam, apple jam, and the best dilly pickles! We brought our tree back home, and listened to holiday music as we decorated it. I love the holidays, and this little adventure made it feel like Christmas!

So fly for a white guy.

This shot cracks me up … a dear couple offered to take our photo. This is the blurry result! :)

This year, J decided I should cut down the tree. I was so excited.

I know my mom will appreciate the next two photos … the first was after about 14 seconds of cutting. I didn’t think I could go on. I did. After about 1 minute, I seriously couldn’t do any more. I hate to sweat.

Jimmy took over for a bit, then let me back at it for the final few cuts.

Here’s our little tree!!

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