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Our Cathedral Park Adventure

Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend!! Maybe some of you have the holiday off … I’m jealous! Our weekend was a bit of a mash-up of adventure, being lazy, breakfast with friends, shopping, and watching “Lost”. I’d be lying if I said the majority of the weekend wasn’t spent watching “Lost” … We are addicted to that show! So much so that we missed the latest episode of “Girls”, which is just pure craziness. Also, I’m pretty sure I talked about Lost in my last post … I’m starting to feel like we have a problem. Speaking of problems, I have another obsession: Babica Hen Cafe in Lake Oswego!! Ali & I went there for brunch on Valentines Day, then on Saturday, we carted the guys along for another visit. That place is amazing! I’m also quite found of the drive back to Portland along Boones Ferry Road … we got a little lost in the Burlingame neighborhood, and I sort of want to expand our target area for a house to that neighborhood. When we weren’t eating & watching Lost, we decided to head outside … It had been a bit since we’d hopped in the Jeep for some quality outside time. Seriously, I feel like it was mid-January that we got outside last. That’s totally unacceptable, so we needed to change it this weekend. Of all the places we’ve been in Portland, we still hadn’t visited Cathedral Park. Just 10 minutes north of the city, Cathedral Park is a beautiful little spot under the St. Johns Bridge (Oh, this bridge!!). We walked around for a bit & snapped some photos … Jimmy got to test out the new Yashica (coming soon), and we, of course, played with the Mamiya. It’s a really lovely area, and I’m excited to come back over the summer to see how much more lovely it feels. Here’s a bit of our adventure.

Images made with Nikon D700 // 50 mm 1.4 // Edited with VSCO Film

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