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Our Baby : Weeks 22-27

Welp, I officially SUCK at updating this blog. I’d try to use the excuse of moving (with a 3 year old, and working full time), but we moved during my pregnancy last time, and I still managed to update the blog regularly. We’ve been good at taking photos though, which should count for something, right?


  • When we last left off, I was feeling pretty good … my morning sickness was mostly gone. It’s continued to get better, and I’m totally in that sweet spot of not really feeling too many symptoms. I did puke during week 26 after an unfortunate prenatal on an empty stomach incident. It was a flashback to the previous 5 months, and I was so upset. Thankfully it hasn’t happened since.
  • Baby is moving ALL OF THE TIME. Like, I’ve Googled if a baby can move too much. Currently, baby is breech (well actually, I think they are transverse at this point), so the movements feel so odd (very different from Alba, who was head-down as long as the midwives were able to tell position). I’m slightly worried about baby being breech, but no one else is since this is a 2nd pregnancy. 
  • We moved!! It’s official – we’re in our new home. We moved just 10 blocks away, and now that we’ve been here for about a month, things are feeling pretty comfy. There are still too many boxes to count (don’t look in the basement), but the upstairs is coming together nicely. We downsized, so this has been a little lessen in small/minimal living. I’ll try to share a post about the house soon. 
  • Back to baby!! I have minimal heartburn (I’m guessing this will ramp up once baby is head down and their feet are smashing up into my ribs), and I haven’t had many body aches this time around.
  • We’ve reached viability. The chances of survival when born after 24 weeks is pretty good. Obviously, we want baby to stay in there until about 39-40 weeks, but passing that milestone feels really nice.
  • Sleep is a little off. I can fall asleep easily (I’m always tired), but I usually wake around 4:00 am to pee, and have a bit of a hard time getting back to sleep. Par for the course … it’s a reminder that I need to get better at taking my cal-mag before bed.
  • Food is so weird … I can eat everything again, but I’m always feeling full and starving at the same time. It’s so uncomfortable. Digestion has been weird this entire pregnancy, so I’ll be relived to have that back to normal in about 12 weeks!
  • Things are going so fast. When I say “12 weeks”, it seems really soon. When I think “3 months”, that helps me feel a little more calm about things. Still, it’s just so very fast!! I cannot believe I’m in the 3rd trimester already. I call UNFAIR that I was so sick for 22 weeks – it really “stole” 1/2 of the pregnancy.
  • Alba is still entertaining the idea of being a big sister. She likes to feel my belly, and we’ve even started watching birth videos together. We aren’t sure about the logistics of the birth yet. We’re planning a home birth, but we are unsure if she’ll be here for it or not. Ideally, yes – but also ideally, she’d be sleeping. :) 
  • I haven’t gained much weight (at least according to my last midwife visit in April), but I feel huge. I’d really like to get some major physical activity back into my routine. Now that the weather is changing, it should be easier to make it happen.
  • I’m feeling really happy and relaxed. Life has been crazy, but I’m trying to stay focused on what matters (my family).


  • Baby has likely doubled in size since my last update. They are now the size of a large eggplant, and likely weigh over 2.5 pounds. Just a few more inches and a handful of pounds to grow before we meet!!
  • I’ve started noticing fetal hiccups in the last week.
  • Like I mentioned, this baby moves ALL OF THE TIME!!!
  • Apparently baby is now able to blink their eyes (showing off their lashes).

Okay, now time for some photos (PS, I was so much better at looking cute during my pregnancy with Alba … we are really putting these typical 2nd child theories to the test!)

Week 22


Week 23


Week 24


*I missed week 25 … womp womp

Week 26


Week 27


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