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Our Baby : Weeks 19, 20 & 21


Well apparently I forgot to blog?! I swear I got these posts done, but pregnancy brain is such a real thing right now.

This post spans 3 weeks, and I only have photos for 2 weeks (photos are for weeks 19 (blue dress) & 20 (black shirt)). Sorry, baby. Mama is trying to keep up.



  • These weeks started off super rough, but ended pretty sweet. At 20 weeks, I was still puking. By 21 weeks, nearly all of my gagging and food aversions are gone. I feel almost normal, and I think we’re in smooth waters now.
  • Around week 21, I was having big problems with overeating … it’s not that I was actually eating too much, if it’s like if I ate 1 bite too much, my stomach would hurt for hours.
  • We had our anatomy scan … baby is a … HUMAN. We got to see their little features and verified things are progressing just as they should. The only slight issue was that the tech couldn’t get a good shot of baby’s hands and feet. The doctor decided to mention their fingers could be webbed, but she wasn’t concerned at all. Then why mention it, Doc? So weird.
  • I feel kicks alllll of the time. Jimmy is finally able to feel them. Alba says she can feel them, but since she leaves her hand on my stomach for microseconds at a time, I think she’s just having fun with it.
  • Oh yeah, WE’RE MOVING!!! This happened last time I was pregnant. In late April, we’ll be moving 10 blocks away from our current (beloved) home. The new place is a great fit for our family, and I’ll be sure to share more about it when we’re getting settled. It’s going to be quite the adventure.
  • Let’s see … what else? The 2nd trimester is pretty awesome right now. No physical issues (minus digestive stuff, but who the hell knows – I’m trying not to complain) yet, and I’m finally looking pregnant vs. gluten belly.


  • Baby has gone through a ton of changes since I last posted!
  • They are now the size of a large carrot, and weighs almost a pound.
  • Their eyebrows are starting to grow in … and they are practicing facial expressions.
  • Baby is learning to swallow, by practicing with amniotic fluid throughout the day.
  • Baby is moving a lot, but also sleeping as much as a typical newborn (this baby likes to move a lot in the morning and again right when I’m going to bed).
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