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Our Baby :: Week 39

I know I mentioned that last week might be our last update, but it wasn’t really a wishful statement. I am so happy to still be chugging along. Since then, we’ve celebrated Christmas & New Year’s, and now, we’re really feeling ready!


  • MY HIPS!!! I thought they hurt before. Since baby has dropped, my hips are getting so loose to accommodate his/her head. Putting my knees together (when I’m sleeping, sitting, getting up, driving, etc.) is terrible. I kind of feel like I’m smashing the baby! BUT, I think it’s all totally normal.
  • Acid reflux is back with a vengeance. After every meal. In the middle of the night. First thing in the morning. I’ve heard that it’ll go away as soon as the baby is born, which is really great. I cannot wait!
  • This post is super late (I was 39 weeks on Tuesday), but I wanted to share that I thought last night was it! I woke up around 2:00 with really intense contractions. They lasted a while, but then tapered off to nothing. I got pretty excited …
  • Related: I am having lots & lots of contractions, a ton of pressure, and shooting pains in my cervical area. Midwife things I’m likely dilating a bit … Once the baby is ready, all of these things will form a pattern, and we’ll be all set. I might have my first internal check at my 40 week appointment.
  • I’m trying to decide if I want to have a membrane sweep at my 40 week appointment. There’s a risk that my water would break (which wouldn’t be amazing since it can only be broken for so long to give birth at home), but I reallllyyyy don’t want to go past 41 weeks and some change. I’m thinking we’ll probably let it be at the 40 week appointment, and see if they offer at 41 weeks.
  • Still sleeping on plastic. Still sucks.
  • According to my lovely husband, I am HUGE! He said something like, “You know those super-pregnant women you see, and you know they’re due any day? That’s totally you!” … Haha … I love that he is so impressed with the way my body has grown. It’s surreal for him, I’m sure.
  • Still continuing my acupuncture treatments. I have an appointment today, and we’ll be really focusing on cervical ripening. I also started pumping last week. It was a bit of a fiasco, but hey, I’m sure that’s what learning to be a parent is all about. Right now, I’m focused on preparing my body for labor, so we’ll be doing everything our midwives suggest for it.


  • I’m getting a bit weepy from day to day. Just realizing we’re nearly to the end of this beautiful chapter. I wrote a bit about it last week.
  • Yesterday, we went on our annual New Year’s Day adventure in the Columbia River Gorge. I took a moment to really soak in everything … took in life as it was right then. It made me cry. I’m a mess.
  • I’m still feeling super happy & excited. We are both just soooo ready to meet this little one. We’re so full of anticipation!
  • Nesting has finally kicked in. Our house is clean, and everything is ready.
  • WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY THIS MONTH!!! <- Yeah, I know I already said it, but we’re so excited.
  • Our midwife gave me some beautiful advice for our birth. Baby is currently in the ROA position, which means that baby’s head is down, it’s back is to the right, and it’s legs are curled up towards my left side. Many times, ROA babies are born very quickly. The midwife told me it’s typical that during a short labor, things get intense really quickly, and it’s easy to “time travel” (aka, “If this hurts so bad two hours into it, how am I going to get through 12 hours?”). In reality, it’s likely my labor/birth could last 4-6 hours, and it’s important that we both really focus on each contraction. No time traveling. Focus on the now. I am expecting it to be a wild ride, and I’m still trusting my body 100%.
  • Jimmy thinks the baby will arrive tomorrow. I think I’d be okay with that.

Jimmy took photos of my during my “moment” of reflection. Totally teary-eyed, but so full of joy!


  • Baby is pretty much done cooking! Our midwife (baby-weight-whisperer) is estimating that baby is currently (as of 12/31) 6 pounds & 11 ounces. 
  • The hair that was covering the baby is now starting to fall off.
  • Baby is getting hiccups at least once per day.
  • I’m still getting kicked a bunch on my left side, which means baby is still in the ROA position.
  • Come on baby, we’re ready for it!
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