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Our Baby :: Week 38

Merry Christmas Eve!! As I write this, I sit here wondering if this will be my last weekly update … I am sure all pregnant women think this, but things are just feeling soooo close.


  • I feel better (hips & acid reflux) this week. Both are still there & annoying, but just not as bad.
  • I’m feeling more tired this week. I took two afternoon naps. This hasn’t really been a thing since the 1st or 2nd trimester. I’m sure it’s just my body preparing for the hard work ahead of it.
  • My big hormone shift seems to be done. I had a lot of acne last week, and moodiness … Both seem to be a little more normal this week.
  • I’ve had so much pressure & lots of contractions this week. They’re painful, but I don’t mind them at all. It just means my body is prepping for labor, and that makes me so excited.
  • We put some plastic under my side of the bed (topped with a flannel sheet & the regular sheets), and it crinkles so loudly every time I move. Jimmy has lovingly started referring to me as “Crinkles”. So sweet. We have a brand new bed, and my water breaking on it would just be par for the course of our good luck. So, plastic it is!
  • I went to acupuncture again today … I love the quiet time, and I feel really refreshed when I leave.
  • Sleep is a little odd right now. I’m sleeping really well when I’m sleeping, but I’m tossing & turning a lot more. The extra weight is just making it uncomfortable.


  • Really, really good! I’m so excited to meet the baby, but I still have a ton of patience. I’m not feeling anxious at all, and I know s/he will arrive right when s/he’s meant to. 
  • We went on a nice date night … I mentioned last week that we wanted to, and we took advantage of our no-baby days. We went out to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Bete Lukas, then got hot chocolate. We drove out to see the lights at PIR, but the line was soooo long. We opted to come home, get cozy, and watch a few episodes of the Sopranos. It was a lovely evening.
  • We’re pretty much all ready for this baby!! I wrote all about how we’re prepping for the home birth, and having everything ready & waiting is making this time so much fun!
  • I’ve been a little moody … Not with Jimmy or anything like that, but I am finding that the dogs are really annoying me lately. I’m sure they just know something is up, which is making them act so odd … I’m trying to remember that they are sweet girls, and they’re about to go through a big change too.
  • I’m nesting. I baked, stocked the fridge, can’t rest until the house is tidy, etc. Mama is readdddyyyyy!


  • We saw our midwife last week, and she estimates that baby is just above 6 1/2 pounds. Looking to be on track for 8 pounds at birth. 
  • Baby is shedding the fine hair & vernix from it’s body, and eating it (yuck), which means it’s intestines are starting to produce meconium (it’s first poop). Let’s hope baby keeps it in until after the birth!
  • Baby’s movements are still very predictable, but very different. The kicks have been traded for big pushes … Lots of movement all day, and sometimes they hurt a bit.
  • Baby gets hiccups at least once a day … I can’t wait to hear the real thing.
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