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Our Baby :: Week 18

Oh, week 18. It might have been my least favorite. Of course, it’s really hard to complain when I know what’s in store for us, but really … this was a tough one.

  • When you first become pregnant, there are blood tests at around 5 weeks, a dating ultrasound at 7 or 8 weeks, a first trimester screen around 13 weeks, and several sessions of doppler to hear for baby. Around 15 weeks, you might start showing a bit, but other than that, your symptoms will be reduced to figments of your imagination … then, you don’t feel pregnant! So, that’s been the hardest part of this week: feeling like I’m not pregnant. 
  • I first felt the baby last week, but then there was a whole lot of nothing. I was warned that there’s usually initial movement, then a delay until you can feel consistent movement, but still … I had a little cry on Sunday night, and Jimmy came to the rescue with vegan ice cream. It’s just hard knowing that there’s a baby in your belly, and no matter how much you try to do everything right, things can go wrong. I’m sure everything is fine … we’re just ready to see baby again next week.
  • I am feeling really tired again, and the constant hunger is back … growth spurt? Let’s hope so!
  • Over the weekend, we rode bikes and went hiking. It felt good to be doing things that feel normal. I’m really hoping to keep it up.
  • The bump is growing, and I love it!!!
  • I am starting to really want to know what we’re having. With the scan just a few days from now, the idea that we could know is killing me. We’re going to wait, but man … Also, we both keep having dreams about boy vs. girl. I had my first boy dream this week … Jimmy had two girl dreams. It’s so funny that whatever it is … it is. No amount of intuition will change the outcome.

  • Baby is growing a lot this week!
  • Apparently baby’s movements are insane (even though I can barely feel anything).
  • Baby is roughly the size of a sweet potato, and weighs over a 1/2 pound.
  • Baby’s senses are being perfected, and s/he can hear us now.
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