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Our Baby : Week 18


In order to redeem myself, I am writing this the day I’m officially 18 weeks pregnant. Lots to celebrate this week!!


  • I didn’t puke this week!!! Gagged? Yes … but I think the pukes are finally behind me.
  • Related – I can finally cook nearly everything, and food is becoming more normal again. Last time, I was having lots of hunger cravings – this time, I’m still pretty much never super hungry (or craving anything).
  • Baby is officially moving, and I can feel them!! Lots of lovely kicks each day – I forgot how much I love this part. I keep telling Jimmy I’m sure he can feel it, but we’re probably a week or so away from that.
  • I’m still so tired. SO TIRED. I need to remember to take my prenatal (which I suck at remembering).
  • My mom is here!! It’s been really nice to relax and spend time with her. Plus, Alba is LOVING the extra attention and lovin’.
  • Our anatomy scan is later this week – I’m really excited to get the report of a healthy baby.
  • I really am feeling so much better. Aside from being tired, this is the part of the 2nd trimester that I remember loving.


  • Baby is developing their reflexes, and yawning is one that’s happening this week.
  • Baby now has nerves that are specializing their five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.
  • Little one can hear everything that’s going on outside of my belly. I’m hoping that they can hear their big sister being the wild child she is.
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