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Our Baby :: Week 17

Another week down! Now that we’re in week 18, I am itching to reach the half way point in TWO WEEKS!! Then, the next big date will be viability (at 24 weeks). Here are the big moments from the week:

  • I am starting to get Braxton Hicks contractions about once or twice per day. It usually happens at night, too. If I have a full bladder (every single morning around 3:00 am), and I wake up on my back, my uterus is rock hard, and I can even tell where baby is. These are totally normal, and besides being able to feel hardness, the don’t hurt or feel like anything really … my body is just preparing for the real contractions in 5 months.¬†
  • We bought an adult¬†queen size bed over the weekend. Since moving to Portland, we’ve been sleeping on the full size bed that used to serve as our guest room bed. It’s so tiny, and we can feel the springs and inner workings all night. If there’s an ounce of back pain during a typical day, I can guarantee we can blame it on this bed. We bought the new bed from Park Lane Mattresses … It’s currently being made, then it’ll be delivered a week from today. Seriously, we are stoked! The company is awesome: they use sustainable resources, and are located right here in Oregon.
  • Aside from Braxton Hicks, some other amazing things are happening: I AM FEELING BABY!! On Sunday, we were sitting on the couch when I felt a little bump. Then another. And another. It was over in about 5-10 minutes, but it was unmistakable. I’m 17 weeks now, so it’s about time I start feeling Baby … I just can’t wait for Jimmy to feel, too.
  • We had our first midwife appointment this week. It was a great change of pace from the previous OB visits. We heard baby … his/her heartbeat is right around 15o beats per minute. Each time we hear that little thump thump thump, I get so happy. I still haven’t gained any weight, and to be sure that’s okay, I am really focusing on what I’m eating (ensuring I’m eating a ton of whole foods).
  • My belly is definitely popping! This dress is definitely helping the popped look, but man, baby is growing so fast. Based on the round ligament pains, the growth spurt I’ve been reading about is happening.

Look at this onesie from Brittany!!! It was handmade here in Portland by Karina Potestio for her brand Luna. We seriously have the best friends ever!!!

The baby is continuing to grow this week as well!!

  • Baby’s cartilage is starting to turn into hard bone (where it should).
  • The umbilical cord is continuing to grow thicker & stronger as well.
  • Baby is developing sweat glands this week … let’s hope s/he doesn’t inherit that from Jimmy. Hahaha.
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