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Our Baby : Week 17


I pulled the ol’ second-baby-gets-forgotten this week, and didn’t remember to write down any details from the week. We did take photos at least, so here we go!


  • Spoiler alert: still puking. Ughhh.
  • Even with still being sick, this was definitely the turning point week (or at least the start of a slow turn).
  • I had a midwife appointment, and got to hear the sweetest sound of baby’s heart … 150 bpm – Alba’s was always higher than that, so now I’m thinking mayyyybeee baby is a boy?? Only time will tell.
  • Last time, with Alba.


  • Baby Natural’s skeleton has been cartilage up until this point, but now it’s hardening into bone.
  • Baby is putting on some body fat, which will make up about 2/3 of their body weight when they are born. S/he’s developing sweat glands too.
  • Baby is becoming more proportional – its body is catching up to its head.
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