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Our Baby :: Week 16

Oh baby, we are officially 16 weeks. 4 months! Actually, as I’m writing this, I am nearly done with week 17, but hey, better late than never … right? Week 16 was quite a week. Not really on the baby front of things, but definitely on the life-side.

  • We moved! We are officially residents of Northeast Portland, and loving the Alberta area. We were back at the old place all week (actually, Jimmy was there most of the time (THANK YOU, MY LOVE!!)), so we haven’t had a lot of time to soak in our new neighborhood. Last night, we walked up & down Last Thursday (literally two houses away from our front door), and it was amazing. Such a great scene … food, crafts, goods, music, people. I think we’re really going to love it here. Our house is still in need of some unpacking (boxes everywhere), but it’ll happen!
  • Speaking of moving: the dogs are LOVING their new fenced backyard. In fact, I got a little teary when I let them off their leashes back there. They were so happy, and it made me happy … we’ve been working hard for a long time to give them a yard!
  • Our camping trip was a success.
  • I am currently using Baby’s room as an office (while my new studio space is still filled with boxes). Sitting in here, working, is actually a bit theraputic for me. I cannot wait until we fill it with baby stuff. We’ve decided on a travel/adventure theme. It fits perfectly with our life, as we’re huge proponents for getting outside & exploring. Basically, it’s a “world” theme. I’m not really into themes, so it’ll be very minimal … but I imagine some vintage globes/maps, photos of our adventures, and other worldly goodies.
  • I am continuing to feel so much better … No more vomiting!
  • The photos from this week were taken in our old bedroom, the night we finished cleaning … It was important to me to have photos here (even if it’s just a few bump photos). I was a bit haggard looking, but it was the moment that mattered, and this was a really special moment for us.

Annnndddd, what is baby up to this week?

  • Baby is getting ready for a big growth spurt. Over the next few weeks s/he will double in weight, and add quite a few inches. Right now s/he is as big as my open hand (crazy). 
  • Baby’s little fingers & toes are getting nails this week. So cute.
  • Hair patterns are forming, and hair will start growing soon.
  • We still haven’t felt Baby kicking, but I have a feeling it’ll change soon!
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