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Our Baby :: 37 Weeks

Baby, we did it! We are officially FULL TERM! This moment has been like a carrot on a string for weeks and weeks. The sense of peace & calm I’m feeling now is amazing. So happy to be within the safe window for our home birth. **A little pregnancy lesson: “full term” is used to describe the time between 37-42 weeks. It’s the ‘safe zone’ in which babies can be delivered. For our home birth, we are required to make it to 37 weeks, otherwise, we would have to deliver in the hospital. If we go 2 weeks past our due date (in January), then we would also be required to deliver in the hospital with augmentation to start the labor. Fingers crossed that Baby decides to arrive in the next 4 1/2 weeks! Our home birth is so very important to us, and I hope we are successful!


  • Oy! My hips!! BUT, I did visit an acupuncturist for the first time this week, and it was amazing. I’m getting my treatments at Willow Tree Wellness. I initially contacted them for cervical ripening, but since my hips have been hurting, she did some focused treatment, and the results were immediate. I slept so well last night. 
  • Fun thing: the acupuncturist thinks Baby is a girl.
  • Things are changing. Contractions, cramps, pressure, acne, etc. I can tell this baby is preparing to meet us. I’ll be really surprised if we make it to my due date … Uh oh, did I just jinx us?
  • The acid reflux continues, but I’m trying to keep my food & water separate to see if that helps. I know once baby arrives, it’ll be gone.
  • I’m feeling big, but good. Still no stretch marks, which has been nice. I still feel really good about my body, and I’m really sad this belly is going away soon. I mentioned the other night that I wish I could have the baby and keep the belly. It’s the crazy pregnancy hormones talking.
  • Sleep is still really, really good. I think I’m going to credit my Calcium-Magnesium supplement for this one. Seriously, I am sleeping like a freaking rock! Even though I’m sleeping (minus a few potty breaks through the night), my energy levels during the day are really, really good.
  • I’ve been sick this week (hence my totally dressed-up appearance in these photos), which totally sucked. I got a cold, and it rocked me for a few days. I’m on the mend now, and I really think hitting the 37 week milestone helped me not dwell on the negative side of things.


  • As far as the pregnancy, I’m feeling so good. SO ready to meet this baby. I’d like to have one more really intentional date night before the little one arrives. I need to add that to my list! 
  • As far as life, and general preparedness, things are good, except for my job. I have SO many things to wrap before the baby arrives. So while we wouldn’t mind meeting the baby next week, I think it would be best if we made it to January so I can get all of my contracts fulfilled!
  • More nice dreams about the baby & birth. It’s really helping me feel connected to the labor that’s ahead of us.
  • Jimmy has been working a lot lately, but it’s given me some alone time to nest & reflect.
  • The birth gear (you can see it in the photos) is out, which makes me so excited!


  • Baby is … a big ol’ baby. Since baby is full term, all systems are ready for the world! 
  • With that said, we are more than happy for each additional day that baby stays in my belly … it just means that his/her lungs will continue maturing, and that baby fat will keep on packing on.
  • Baby’s growth is beginning to slow a little bit at this point.
  • Baby is likely about 6 1/2 pounds and 19-20 inches long. I can tell.
  • We are so excited to meet the baby to see if her/his personality is as sassy as it seems. This baby moves all day long … kicks me, responds to touch, rolls over, etc. I love it!
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