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Our Baby :: 15 Weeks

Okay, so … before this week, I wasn’t sure about having another baby. After the never-ending fatigue and nausea, I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing this again. While I’ve loved the idea of being pregnant, the first trimester is really rough. Now that we’re a few weeks into the second trimester, I’m already dreaming of baby number two. I get it … your body/mind work together to create this magical experience. And, I’m sure once baby is here, I will forget any pain I experienced during labor. I’m okay with this selective memory. Here are a few things worth mentioning from week 15.

  • We’re moving! We started moving things over last Sunday, and we’re continuing with small runs all week. Sunday, we’ll be moving the furniture, and hopefully that’ll be it! Our lease is officially done next Thursday, so we’ll use next week to clean our little apartment. 
  • Our annual camping trip to Prineville starts on FRIDAY! We went last year, and it was amazzziiinnnngggg. The forecast is calling for high 90’s during the day (100 on Saturday), and 40’s at night. Yikes. I’m planning on bringing gallons of water, and spending a lot of time in the lake. Also, we made custom t-shirts for the group. YESSS!
  • I don’t want to jinx myself, but I haven’t gagged all week!!!!!! No puking since last week!!!!!! These are milestones!
  • We’re attending a vaccine workshop tonight. It’s with our midwife group, but taught by a doctor. I figure it’s a good balance, and I hope we’ll learn lots of important information about vaccines.
  • I’m still not sure if I’ve felt baby move. I’ve had four different feelings over the course of the last few weeks, but until it happens again, I’m just not sure. C’mon baby!! I want to feel you moving.
  • Over the weekend, we visited the coast with Chelsey. It was absolutely stunning. I loved standing at the edge of Oregon … looking out at the sea, and knowing that this little baby is growing in my belly. It was magical.
  • Our first midwife appointment is next week. I’m so excited!

Baby has been up to a lot lately, too:

  • S/he’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her/his nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her/his lungs begin to develop.
  • Baby can see light through his/her eyelids … We could play around with a flashlight if we wanted. It kind of seems like pestering! :)
  • If we wanted to, we could find out whether baby is a boy or girl. Only 24 more weeks until we figure out.
  • And, we’re sure it’s the cutest little fetus ever.
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