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No Coincidence, No Story!

This morning, I opened up iTunes to start my day-o-podcasts … This is an everyday thing. Podcasts all day, every day. I love it! My favorites are Uhh Yeah Dude (soooo funny), Radiolab, and This American Life. I find myself skipping over TAL more often than not, but today, I wanted to listen to an episode. The episode of choice? #489: No Coincidence, No Story! After listening, I knew I wanted to share … If you’d like to listen, just click the link below:

#489_ No Coincidence, No Story!

Oh, and we have a coincidence story too. Back in college (September of 2005 to be exact), I went to a small show (Against Me) two hours from my school. My friends Karl & John hopped into my periwinkle Geo for the little trip, and it was a blast. I had no idea it would be a life changing night. And actually, it wasn’t until later that I realized it was. While at the show, I noticed a guy. Not just any guy. A guy with long hair … he was tan from the summer that was ending, and he was gorgeous. I thought it was weird he was standing in the very back of the crowd (as he seemed to be enjoying the music), but then I saw the girl. Oh, that’s why you’re standing back there. At least, that was my interpretation of the scene. Once I knew he was taken, I averted my eyes, and went on with my evening.

About a month later, I met Jimmy in person for the first time. We had been chatting for a couple of weeks online (AIM, baby!!), and after realizing we lived right across the street from each other, we figured it was worth meeting. That part seemed like the biggest coincidence of all, but there was something bigger ahead. While I was at his apartment, we were looking through photos on his computer. Then my heart leaped from my chest … onto the floor … or maybe onto the wood-esque formica that covered his counters. Right there on his computer were photos from the Against Me show. In about .2 seconds, I realized that he was the guy I saw. The guy with the long hair. The guy with the girlfriend. HOLY SHIT! Only, it wasn’t his girlfriend. It was his roommate’s girlfriend. He was standing in the back of the crowd because he had recently hurt his leg while playing rugby. He was single. He was hot. And, this all happened two hours away from our school. It was meant to be!!! At the ripe old age of 20, you can imagine I had already started planning our wedding right then & there. At the time, it was really cool, but now, I realize this coincidence is the start of our story. It sparked it all. I truly believe I was meant to see him standing there … we were meant meet online … we were meant to live across the street from one another … and years later, while standing with our feet pointed towards the Pacific Ocean, I believe we were meant to be here. It all lead to this.

Image made with Mamiya RZ67 Pro II // Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 120

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