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Middle of the Week Randomness


Best face ever, right? I’m starting to do an awesome job at keeping up with my design blog … this basically means that our personal blog is suffering. Oy! It’s always something. I have a few joys & random thoughts to share, and I didn’t want to forget.

  • We go back to see Dr. Ghaheri today … He’s the wonderful doctor who corrected Alba’s liptie. Unfortunately, we think she might have a hidden or small tongue tie that is causing this continued pain. I’m telling you, 10 weeks of sore nipple is NOT fun. I think I’d rather go through labor a few more times before dealing with this pain. And I’m totally serious. Please say a prayer that this works!!!
  • Related: I’m pretty sure Dr. Ghaheri & my lactation consultant, Melissa Cole were sent from Heaven! I surely would have given up by now if it wasn’t for their depth of knowledge & care for their patients.
  • And another related point: there are so many bogus sites out there to encourage new mamas (like What to Expect). I got an email the other day (unsolicited, but these people FIND YOU). It was talking about the “myth” of low supply. Yeah, I keep my low supply myth right up there with unicorns & leprechauns. ┬áMaybe they meant to say that breastfeeding can be extremely hard, and having an amazing LC and support system are the keys to making it easier. Yeah, I don’t think that’s what they meant.
  • Last night Alba said “Goo goo gah gah”! What a cliche baby! We were laying in our room chatting with her, and we both heard it. Pretty great.
  • We’re currently trying to finish our basement … I mean, the ceilings are MAYBE 6 ft. 5 in. (that’s being generous), but hey, we really want another space for entertaining & guests. We visited IKEA for the first time with Alba last night … She had her first public scream. It was only one (thank goodness), but it made me realize that we kind of hit the jackpot with her: baby girl is so mellow.
  • We finally bought some frames from IKEA so we can start printing & hanging family photos. It’s about damn time.
  • I am currently starving (great for a nursing mama), and all we had to go with my lunch is brown rice. Yep, I totally wanted to wait 45 minutes to eat (but hey, at least it’s giving me time to blog).
  • It’s SPRING in Portland! Alby & I have been going on neighborhood walks the last few days … and in that time, I’ve seen trees blossoming, and the perennial plants are growing.
  • How late is too late for birth announcements? We still haven’t mailed Alba’s, and she’s almost 10 weeks. They are stunning though, so it’s happening. Eventually.
  • Our dog threw up on the threshold by the back door this morning. So there’s that.
  • Happy Wednesday!


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