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Maple :: 8 Months

My sweetest girl … you are so much of my world. So much so that I haven’t had time to sit and reflect about your last few months. I think my last post was when you were 4 months old, which is kind of crazy (so much has changed). I have notes on my phone about those 4 missing months, and I’ll try my hardest to get them together before you go to college. Deal? PS, you look a whole lot like your sister right now.


You are still such a dream. I absolutely love thinking about the little person you’re becoming. Your sweetness is balanced perfectly by a bit of silly. You love observing, but you’re also super vocal if things aren’t to your liking. You prefer to be held 99.45% of each day, and your preference for mama is stronggg.

We’re still sharing a room, and it’s going … ok. You haven’t been the best sleeper over the last few months, but when we share a bed (sorry, papa), we have a great night of sleep. You still wake me most mornings by stirring around and making sweet noises. We have our morning smile session, and you snuggle for milk first thing. We’re in a really, really good groove of balancing changes and feedings (well, your dad and I are … we’d encourage you to sleep more at night, thanks).

Oh, you have TEETH. When you first turned 8 months old, you just had one, so we’ll talk about that. Your bottom-right tooth came in first, and it is sharp. One of your favorite pastimes is biting me while you’re nursing, which turns out, is my least favorite thing. I’m thankful you’re mostly past it at this point.

I’m still nursing you, and there’s not too much to say about that whole deal. It’s going really well, and I’m happy that we’re still at it. I’m guessing with your love of food (more in a sec), you’ll probably nurse until you’re about 1 or 1.5, but hey, you could surprise me!

Food is going awesome. You LOVE to eat … like, you grunt and growl if we aren’t giving you food. Like with Alba, we started solids with the Baby Led Weaning approach – giving you large pieces of normal food. You’ve done great, and really only gagged on a mushroom and brussels sprouts. You love sipping water from cups, and you’d make out with my water bottle all day if I let you.

Besides boobs, Alba, food and dad, you are super into baskets full of stuff. You like hitting toys together, chewing on everything, and exploring each little toy in front of you. You can sit up like a champ now, so sitting and focusing on figuring things out has been fun for you.

I’ve loved watching how you and your sister interact. You two are such a part of each other’s hearts … you’re still a bit of a doll to her, and she would try carrying you around all day if we let her. Alba loves making you love and always offers to help us when it comes to changing/feeding/bathing/etc. She’s seriously the sweetest big sister, even though I sometimes wonder if we completely rocked her world by having another baby.

Maple, if I had to pick one word for you (and it’s relative because you are a baby), it would be “content”. You are just a little pixie of a human – a true dream of a baby. I am so, so lucky you’re ours. I forgot how much I love this age, and I’m really, really excited about this upcoming summer). We love you to the moon and back.


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