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Maple :: 2 Months


My sweet Maple,

There are so many days that I look at you now and think, “You’re SO BIG!” – now that you’re about 10 pounds, you’re still relatively small, but it’s just the realization that our newborn days are coming to an end. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month …

Surprisingly, we’ve been sleeping! Your 2 hour stretches have gotten a bit longer, and you have quite a consistent pattern at night. You sleep for about 4-5 hours, then about 3-4 more … if it weren’t for your sister’s daycare dropoff, you might even sleep a bit more. You’re a champ, kid! Your tired parents appreciate it!

Breastfeeding has been getting easier! My pain still persists, but it’s manageable. The best news is that my supply is almost at the volume you need (maybe it is there?) … I have a bit of a freezer stash established, and we’re really doing it. You have a little formula each day, but there are some days we don’t need it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve faced these challenges before (or that it really is better this time), but I have no complaints. You are thriving, and I am so, so happy!

You are starting to look a little less like your sister, and more like … MAMA! I knew from your profile images during our last ultrasound that you were going to resemble me, but over the last couple of weeks, it’s really become more apparent. Your eye lashes are growing, your cheeks are filling out, and you’re starting to get little rolls all over your scrumptious body. You’re dreamy!

Speaking of dreamy: you’re smiling!! You’re still pretty sleepy most days, but when you’re awake, you love interacting with us. Smiles and chatter are the best gift … your coos and little voice! And, one of our favorite things is your love of the ceiling fans. You could go hours without smiling at us, but you go into full flirting mode as soon as the fan catches your eye – it’s amazing!

Now that my body is feeling healed and strong, we’ve been getting outside more … with rain on the way, I’m soaking up any time in the sunshine with you. I can’t wait until you’re more alert and really start interacting with the outside world.

During this month, you got to meet your Aunt (YaYa) … she came to stay with us for a week, and got lots of cuddle time. We went to Mt. Hood, and had a little beach time. The day after she left, I celebrated my birthday … I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated 32, than with two beautiful daughters.

At your two month doctor check-up, we found out you were 10 lb. 13 oz., and 23 inches tall. That means you’ve gained 4 pounds and 5 (FIVE!) inches since you were born. You were so teeny when you were born, so seeing you grow this way gives me so much confidence.

Little one, you are the brightest beam of light. We’re so happy you’re here!


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