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Maple :: 1 Month

The first month … it goes by so quickly, and in an instant, babies transform from newborns to these little humans you learn so much about. We did it! Our little Maple is 1 month old, and she is such a wonderful joy.


I worried about our family growing – mainly, that it would be hard for Alba. But, like last time, welcoming our baby was a beautiful transition that seemed to unfold so naturally. As we prepared to meet this sweet soul, we both wondered what the feeling of our hearts expanding would be like. I can tell you: it was instantaneous … in a single moment, my heart grew – our love grew, and Maple was a part of our family’s story forever.

My sweet, sweet Maple … here’s a bit about your first month:

This first month involved a lot of skin on skin time, just keeping you on us, while we relaxed an focused on healing. Your birth was insanebut thankfully, it was more gentle on my body than the last one, and healing went a lot faster this time around. With that said, there really is a lot to be said for really forcing myself to sit still and rest. Even sitting up a night to nurse felt like a workout … eventually, it got easier. Like last time, you and I slept as a cozy pair – you, right on my chest. As the month came to an end, I could tell your newborn days were coming to a close, and we’d both be more comfortable with you next to me in your co-sleeper.

Just like with your sister, your dad and I were lucky enough to have 5 weeks at home with you. I will always be grateful for this time. Alba still went to school, so dad and I had a lot of solo time with you during the day … this was so special, because we wanted some time to get to know you, just like we got to with your sister.

During your first month, you got to visit with your Gigi – she came to visit you, and got lots of amazing snuggle time. We took a trip to the coast (you slept through most of it – you were a champ).

Breastfeeding, as I predicted, has come with its challenges. On day 10, I got the best news that you had regained weight after initially losing weight after birth (normal). I was so happy (beyond happy), as this was something I’d never experienced before. You were growing, just from my milk. At day 12, things changed a bit, and I realized I wasn’t quite meeting your needs. Thankfully, some amazing mamas in our circle donated milk for you. Around this time, something was bothering your belly, and we had to think about elimination testing. After weeks of belly upset, trying to figure out what was going on, and starting a little formula, it all went back to normal. Now, things are going really, really well. You’re getting 2-3 ounces of my expressed milk, donor milk or formula each day. I am celebrating that things are going this well. I’m still in pain, but we’re figuring it out. Good job, baby girl! We’re doing it!

Watching your sister with you has been beautiful. She’s so eager to help with everything! From bottles to baths, and just simply being able to touch you, she absolutely loves you. My favorite photos are the ones of you two together.

Compared to last time, I’m more emotional. I had a touch of the baby blues, but they’ve seemed to give way to big emotions (but mostly very good ones). I had a hard, hard cry when I found out my supply wasn’t as robust as I thought, but I’ve also had some of the biggest laughs watching you and your sister together.

Maple, we knew you were a little lady since about 1/2 way through my pregnancy, and we decided on your name just before you were born. It was like we just knew so much about you before we met you. And, since you’ve joined us, we’ve learned so much more about you. Mainly, that you are most definitely the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. Your sister is sassy and wild … I can already tell you’ll be more of an observer, but I have no doubts you’ll bring a bit of sass too. We are just so smitten over you.


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