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Jimmy & His Leaf

Last Spring, the tree outside our living room window started to sprout. What started as a beautiful, little sign of the warm weather, turned into a hilarious topic of discussion. You see, the leaves on one of the branches never stopped growing. While most of the leaves on the tree were the size of our hands, these other leaves were bigger than our heads. These other leaves were bigger than our computer screen!

If any of you know Jimmy in person, you’d know that he’s stubborn … and passionate about certain things. So, when he said he’d get one of those leaves (to press & frame), I knew it would happen. Never mind the fact that we live over 20 feet above the base of the tree … and the tree is over 10 feet from our window.

Today, he approached me with a roll of packing tape, two broom handles, and a brand new knife. It was time to assemble his leaf-getting-tool. After putting our cat under a laundry basket (we don’t have screens, he likes to jump out of windows, and he really loves being under laundry baskets), Jimmy leaned out our window, and cut his leaf from the tree.

After he brought it in, there was a HOLY SHIT, THIS LEAF IS HUGE moment. Actually, we just had another laugh about it. I’m not sure we’ll ever find a frame that’s big enough, but dammit, Jimmy got his leaf!

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