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Her Little School


A month ago, today, we walked up the steps to Alba’s new school for her first day. What seemed like such a huge deal has now settled into our everyday.

School is going really, really well. Like, better than I could have imagined. The school itself is pretty small (16 kids total, I think). It’s mostly toddlers (up to age 4), but they have 5 or 6 infants, too. It’s loosely based on Montessori and RIE standards, but really, it’s just an enriching environment for her to explore, communicate, and learn. She’s the youngest toddler, and I think she’s the only one that isn’t walking. The school is in an old craftsman, which means the floor plan is pretty open … each room is setup to engage and stimulate. We received the first newsletter last night, and learned that they are currently raising some tadpoles (fingers crossed they live long enough to turn into frogs), they started music enrichment classes with a visiting musician, and are getting ready to start baby yoga. Hashtag Portland.

During her second week, she fell and busted her mouth on a table. Her front tooth was completely knocked out, she cut her lip, and had some substantial physical mouth trauma. It was hard on our hearts, but her teachers handled it really well … As odd as it sounds, we weren’t upset with them at all. I think that means we feel really great about our choice to take her there.

Other than that little blip, it’s smooth sailing. She cries every few days when I drop her off, but I have been assured that it’s totally normal. Teacher S told me she’s always done crying within a minute (proof is the collection of adorable photos I get all day via text).

To be selfish, this is really good for me!! I’m finally working what feels like a full time schedule, and making progress towards being caught up. FINALLY! This is helping us achieve balance in our life … I think I’m this close to not having to work on the weekends or in the evenings.

Lastly, the most adorable part are the little journal entries we receive every day. Things like, “Alba really enjoyed brushing her hair, and trying on sunglasses today.” – Makes my heart go pitter patter!

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