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Happy Birthday Haley!!

My baby sister turns 14 today … Why does 14 sound so much older than 13? Maybe it’s the 2,000 mile distance between us, but for some reason, this year is so bittersweet. I am so happy to see my sister growing into a lovely person, but I am so very sad that I am not with her on her day (for the first time ever).

The day she was born, I was there … and since then, it’s been quite the adventure. Most of my friends have siblings, but not siblings with a 13 year gap like Haley & I have. As I get older, and closer to having my own children, I feel so much more like I have a friend who happens to be my sister. She calls me once a week with a new band to listen to … she points out super-cute fashion trends … she loves art. We can talk about our parents (sorry guys), and I can help give her perspective because I’ve been through the ‘terrible’ teenage years. I’m noticing as she gets older that her qualities are the same things I look for in a friend, and I am so happy to know that my sister just that … my friend. I knew it would happen eventually (the 13 year age gap would start to feel smaller). This girl has attitude, and she’s so intelligent. Her awkward stage happened years ago, and she’s so incredibly beautiful.

Haley, I miss you each day! I am so thankful you have had the chance to come visit Jimmy & I. You are a little tornado when you’re around, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s a bad thing. You’re inspiring, and others wish they had the passion you put into life. I gave you some advice on your 13th birthday, and I hope you’ll still take it to heart. I am so very proud of you!! I can’t wait to get you out here again. Until then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We love you!

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