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Gardening with Farmer Al

In today’s post, I’ll share one of those “things that should take 5 minutes, but a baby makes it take 45 minutes” activities. I wanted to share a little bit of gardening we did today. We planted our big bed last weekend, but needed to start some herbs, and out our strawberry plant in some dirt today. I’m realizing Mother’s Day is approaching, and that’s when we’ll do our first plantingĀ of tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, and peppers. I cannot wait to eat food from my garden again!


We dressed Alba in her finest farmer attire … seriously, she looks exactly like my father in law, Jerry.

It went something like this (I’ve taken some liberties with the conversation as far as Alba is concerned):

Me – “Alba, do you want to help me put dirt in this planter?”

Alba – “No, I’m going to put all of these tiny rocks in instead.”

Me – “Now we need to push our fingers into the dirt just a little bit, so we can put seeds in the holes.”

Alba – “You mean I should dig my finger down into the dirt as far as possible? And then grab all of the dirt?”

Me – “Let’s cover our seeds!”

Alba – “I’m actually just going to crawl over here, and yell “ball!” no less than 64 times while you’re desperately trying to cover said seeds. Also, I think I’ll pretend to eat 3 of these little rocks.”

Repeat for planting the basil seeds and the strawberry plant. So fun.

The conversation for that last photo was something like this:

Me – “Hey Al, do you want to stand in the raised bed to take a photo with your pots?”

Alba – “No, but I will stand here and slam these tomato cages together. No matter how much you try to get me to look at the camera, I’ll act like I can’t hear you!”

Mission accomplished!

Oh, and our 16 month old is finally walking! Here’s a little peek (J mentioned that I probably shouldn’t let her walk around with sharp objects on a regular basis. Pssshhh!!).

Alba in the Backyard from Jim & Ravyn Stadick on Vimeo.

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