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Film is Not Dead


After blogging every day in April (except the last two, because I suck), I came to a few conclusions.

The first was that I really, really love blogging. I love this space so much. It’s amazing to see the people who stop by and start a conversation. I especially love that most commenters have blogs of their own, and I can get to know more people who share the love of documenting their lives. I didn’t make time for it, so I didn’t blog. Even setting aside 10 minutes a night meant I could share a bit, and I loved it.

Next, I realized that we just don’t take enough photos anymore … or maybe it’s that I feel like the big camera is a burden, only to be used on super-important occasions. In April, a lot of my posts used iPhone photos, which is something I used to shy away from. I’m gathering that it’s the moments that matter, not the device used to capture them.

Lastly, I realized that even though I’ve loved keeping track of our life over here, nothing beats the tangible part of documenting our lives. The whole purpose of this blog is to have a record of what we’ve done. Back in 2014, I started printing tons of photographs (from my “fancy” camera, and from my iPhone). I’m compiling them into albums for each year, and plan to┬áleave them for Alba. I can’t hand the blog to Alba. Focusing on taking photos, printing photos, and saving the photos is my main mission. The photo above is a glimpse of me trying to organize some instant film from the last 2 years.

Life is so fleeting … Whether it’s digital, film, blogged, or printed, I am so thankful for photography. It’s such a gift!

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