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Day in The Life :: Summer 2014

Last weekend, we were excited to document a day from start to finish. I’ve always loved these posts from fellow bloggers, but I felt like a brat for taking part before we had kids. “Hey everyone, look how much free time we have!!!” … Now I kind of wish we took part in this last year! It would have been amazing to look back to see what we were doing before Al. I know it’s so cliche, but I just don’t remember what we did with all of that time!! Wait, yes I do! (Kind of.) … We slept in, hiked without timelines, made impromptu trips to wine country, went to happy hours, and watched TV without interruptions. Swoon! Well, now that we’re 7 months into this whole parenting thing, I thought it would be so fun to share a bit of our weekend.

Here we go! This is our Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jim: 29
Ravyn: 28
Alba: 7 months
Bill (the cat), Ruca (black dog), Molly (white dog)

7:00 am – Alba wakes us up. We’re in the midst of sleep training, and teething, so as you can imagine, life is a real party right now. We’re still co-sleeping, and I didn’t know it at the time, but this would be the last morning with her co-sleeper before switching to the pack and play. Our weekend mornings are something I treasure. We usually lay in bed together, chat, change Al, I nurse her, and we slowly make our way out of bed. At some point, I decided we needed to have pancakes for breakfast, so I found my bible (aka, Isa Does It … an amazing vegan cookbook). July-51July-52July-55July-53July-57

7:45 am – We made our way out of our room, Al got to play on the floor for a bit, and I started making breakfast. Up until about a month or so ago, I was eating a pretty strict gluten free diet. I decided it was stealing my will to eat, and I bought a bag of organic flour. OHMYGOSH, I’ve been making cookies, muffins, and pancakes. I’m out of control. Well, out of vegan control … I promise, this food is so good! While I was cooking, Jimmy fed the dogs, turned on a record, and went in the living room to torture Alba with a faux fur rug.



8:30 am – Breakfast is ready. We had the pancakes (which surprisingly turned out really freaking awesome, like restaurant pancakes) with vegan sausage, hash browns (my Indiana is showing), and fresh organic blueberries. We are just starting baby led weaning with Alba (more on that soon), and while we usually let her explore her food, we thought she’d love some blueberries in her little mesh feeder. The mess makes my heart happy. She goes insane with food … This girl is obviously my daughter. The dogs happen to be pretty big fans of baby led weaning.



9:00 am – We finished breakfast, and it was time for Al’s first nap of the day. Again, we are sleep training, so our life is moving in 2 – 2.5 hour increments. We put her in our room, and split up to conquer some daily tasks. I took a look at the sink, and wanted to cry. J offered to do dishes while I made a grocery list. I ended up not making a grocery list, and I honestly have no clue what I did with my time. Napped? J did an awesome job on the dishes, and he wins the best partner award!


11:30 am – Alba woke from her nap, and I got the room ready for her 6 month photos. She’ll be 7 months old in a few days, so hey, I’m right on time. Ha. Better late than never. She didn’t smile at all. Apparently photos right after her nap aren’t a great idea. After photos, I nursed her, gave her a bottle to supplement, and she was a happy gal.


12:30 pm – We got ready for a hike through Forest Park. We were so excited to try our new (to us) Kelty backpack. This weekend was insanely gorgeous. Even though it was 80 near our house, it was probably 70ish on the trail. My oh my, my heart was happy.


12:50 pm – We arrived at Lower Macleay Park, and geared up. I absolutely loved seeing Al’s little legs hanging from the backpack. While our girl is quite the chubster, there are still moments when she seems so tiny. I was dreading this hike … last time we did, I had to stop like 7 times to catch my breath. I don’t love overexerting myself. More like, I prefer to lay in a lawn chair and drink margaritas. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to stop once!!! I was so proud of myself. Since I’ve started a fitness plan about a month ago, I’ve been walking hills a ton, and apparently it’s paying off. We reached the top of our hike (the Audubon Society), and stopped in for a quick drink. Alba was obsessed with the stuffed creatures. I’m sure taxidermy is not considered vegan, but really, she was obsessed (laughing and smiling so big). She loves animals! After a little break, we hopped back on the trail to head back down to the car.


2:15 pm – We got back to the car, and Al was passed out. We thought we’d head down to the waterfront to watch the floats and boats. Of course, baby girl had different plans. We got stuck on the Burnside Bridge while some boats passed under, and she started screaming. We changed course, and headed back home. Since she was ready for another nap, we put her down, and had a bit more time to get stuff done around the house. Jimmy went out back to set posts for his new hammock, and I decided to play on my computer, eat some spaghetti, and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’m a real catch. Also, our house is being taken over by baby things. I will never understand how all of it just creeps into your life!!

July-117July-121July-118July-124July-1204:45 pm – Princess Al woke up, we cuddled on the couch for a few minutes, then went out to see what papa was up to. We looked at our gardens, and picked some cherry tomatoes. We picked our first San Marzano later that night.


5:15 pm – We came inside to play on the floor and Skype with Gigi (my mom). J came in from outside, and turned on the Timbers game. I never thought I’d say it, but I am officially a soccer fan.


5:45 pm – I jumped into the kitchen to start dinner. On the menu … Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas. Yummm! I cut up some sweet potato to steam for Al, and poured myself a glass of rosé. Papa and Al had some beer and formula, and Skyped with Grandma Jane.


7:05 pm – Baby starts to breakdown, so we did a diaper change and headed into our room to start bedtime. Bedtime is soul crushing. We don’t do cry it out, but I do allow Al to lay in her bed while I read a book (for myself) next to her. She does cry, but I am there to comfort her, make shhhh noises, and pat her back. She fights sleep so bad, and just when I think she’s out, she pops back up with a wail. Sleep training sucks, but it’s necessary. We head to our family doctor this Friday for more tools and information on self-soothing.


8:15 pm – She’s finally asleep, and we get to eat our overcooked dinner. Our goal is to eat each night before she goes to bed, but as any of you with kids know, babies go from OK to meltdown in a about 5 minutes. Dinner was awesome. Wine was awesome. I pumped, then had another glass of wine. We watched a bit of Naked and Afraid before J was a saint and agreed to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We went outside to pick our first roma tomato, and J showed me these weird purple clovers that ‘made noise’ … I never heard the noise. Ha.



10:00 pm – We headed to bed. We were tired, but our hearts felt full. It was a lovely weekend, and a really nice day.

Oh yeah, I was prompted to do this Day in the Life by Laura over at Navigating the Mothership. She’s one of my favorite bloggers, and she’s a super mama of 3 littles. I love her perspective, and ‘voice’.

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